Oppo: Calderón is Teacher’s Pet

Vote-by-voter electoral satire, with a soap opera angle. Ester Elba Gordillo is in the blue T-shirt. Click to zoom.

Acusa coalición al IFE de capacitar a 50 mil funcionarios de casilla ligados al SNTE (La Jornada): The vote-by-voters keep up their daily drip of new evidence of fraud, but find an audience mostly only in the left-of-center partisan press — though El Universal does seem to give both sides equal play.

Yesterday: details of the deal by which the IFE allegedly hired 50,000 members of the SNTE — the crooked, PRI-controlled teachers union whose pro-autonomy dissidents are being labeled terrorists, and targeted for assassination by hooded death-squads, by the Oaxacan authorities right now — as pollworkers in the northern states.

La coalición Por el Bien de Todos denunció al Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) de cómplice en el fraude electoral porque capacitó a más de 50 mil funcionarios de casilla ligados al Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE), cuya tarea fue operar el manejo de las boletas electorales en beneficio de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.

Horacio Duarte y Claudia Sheimbaum dieron a conocer el resultado de un análisis de las siete mil casillas electorales que ordenó abrir el Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación (TEPJF), en las cuales la coalición encontró que Calderón no perdió mil 500 votos del recuento, sino 14 mil.

También documentaron diversas anomalías en la mayoría de las casillas, al grado tal que de ordenarse la anulación de las 7 mil casillas en cuestión, Andrés Manuel López Obrador remontaría el recuento del IFE y ganaría a su contrincante por 435 mil votos.

Stratfor, the self-styled private-sector CIA, has an excellent, sober analysis of the political chances of the vote-by-voters. As always. But I’m not sure it it’s seeing the whole picture.

Whether or not he can maintain a loyal group of followers among the people, Lopez Obrador will have to face the fact that his protest has alienated other political players. His outspoken response to his apparent loss in the presidential election has made unlikely bedfellows: The PAN and the Institutional Revolutionary party (PRI) made a hasty alliance in the wake of the election dispute, leaving Lopez Obrador’s PRD out in the cold. This division is being played out in the gubernatorial election debate in the southern state of Chiapas, where PRI candidate Jose Antonio Aguilar Bodegas is contesting the results of his Aug. 20 race against PRD representative Juan Sabines; a recount is under way. Sabines has the apparent majority, but Aguilar Bodegas is backed by Mexican President Vicente Fox and the PAN-PRI alliance. As a member of Lopez Obrador’s party, Sabines can count on support and protests from the PRD if the recount results challenge his apparent win, but such a circumstance seems unlikely.

Independent documentation of the electoral fraud, and its dissemination by alternative channels, will dog PAN for years. Personally, I believe the war on the mainstream media is just beginning, and is just beginning to be taken serious by its intended target: Witness Megacable’s alleged campaign against El Sendero Del Peje.

The question that interests me is, not so much whether AMLO can prevail, but whether he has the integrity to keep on fighting even when he finds himself without a chance of getting his hands on the perquisites of office.

It’s been the constant prediction about LO: That he’s just another spinoff from the old left wing of PRI. Well, we’ll see.

I’m telling you: If you’re on the lookout for an emerging emergent media democracy story but are sitting this one out because you don’t think you can pitch it successfully to CNN’s internet reporter, you really ought to get your head out of … the sand.


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