“We have come to take your souls”

“We have come to take your souls” – The caveirão and policing in Rio de Janeiro (Amnesty International): The very subject of today’s NMM-TV Zeitgeist Reel No. 3, which is ripping and uploading as we speak, along with footage of the São Paulo Critical Mass bicycle guerillas in action.

Those dudes are nuts. You wouldn’t catch me trying to bicycle in this town. You’d have to have a death wish.

BOPE, the Rio antidrug squad, and the politicians that give them cover, like the Garotinhos — if I may editorialize for a moment — are savages. This kind of policing is viciously out of control and unconscionable in a democracy with the rule of law.

The Garotinhos endorsed Alckmin, who apparently takes a similar approach to public safety, yesterday.

UPDATE, September 30: This post from quite time ago has suddenly gotten new legs — possibly because of the publicity push for a big forthcoming Tupi-Hollywood film on the “ultraviolent but incorruptible BOPE.” Some further material on the subject developed later:

From the Núcleo Piratininga de Communicações:


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