Olavo de Carvalho: The Council on Foreign Relations is a Tool of the Communist Devils

And the Ford Foundation is shot through with infiltrators from “the international leftist lobby.”

Olavo de Carvalho is the founder of the “grassroots media watch” site Mídia sem Máscaras and lives in Virginia, as well as a regular contributor to the NGO “Terrorism Never More.”

He is also a regular editorial contributor to the Folha de S. Paulo and other major metro newspapers, and lately has been assuming a much higher public profile; he was, for example, the subject of a major spread on the tenth anniversary of his book, let me try to recall the title …

Here are some trenchant passages from the “urgent appeal to readers” that appears on his Web site (I translate):

Urgent appeal from Olavo de Carvalho to his Brazilian readers

Esteemed friends,

Since I arrived in the U.S., in May 2005, I have taken it upon myself, as a personal duty, aside from and independent of my work as a press correspondent and my work on the book The Revolutionary Mind, to tell as many American journalists, intellectuals, businessmen and politicians the truth about the state of things in Brazil: the wide-ranging plans of the São Paulo Forum, the alliance between leftist parties and criminal organizations, and the vital role Lula is playing in the continental revolution whose most visible representatives are Hugo Chávez and Evo Morales.

I remain steadfast in these labors today. They consume, in fact, most of my time.

My immediate goal is to make American elites aware of how crazy they are to give political, journalistic, and financial support to organizations of the Latin-American left that, beneath a persuasive mask of democratic and legalist attitudes, are conspiring with the Forum of São Paulo to spread revolutionary chaos throughout the continent.

My ultimate aim, which though it may be impossible is nevertheless morally imperative and worth the effort, is to stem the billion-dollar flow of financial assistance without which the Latin American communist revolution would die on the vine.

I knew very well that many among the American elites aid Latin American communism in a conscious and deliberate manner, moved by personal conviction, or vanity, or stupidity pure and simple or, worst of all, by the advantages they hope to obtain in the realization of their own strategic designs, which are much grander than those of the Forum of São Paulo.

There is no point even talking to that segment of the American elites, of course. But there are hundreds of conservative organizations — lay, Christian and Jewish — that are hoodwinked by false information into allowing their own good will and generoisty be diverted to causes that go against their own values and principles. There are also U.S. government agencies that, sent of to work in this direction by previous, pro-left, administrations, continue, by dint of bureaucratic inertia, to support that which they ought to combat.

This sick, perverse situation is the result of many decades of work by the international leftist lobby, whose agents have managed to insinuate themselves everywhere, dominating the government cultural bureaucracy and the media of the major urban centers, and even acting secretly inside many conservative organizations.

The official policy of Washington, to support a “moderate left” in the hopes that it will serve as a check on the “radical left”, is based on a deliberate disinformation campagin carried on for decades by the CFR and the Rockefeller, Ford and Soros Foundations. In recent years, a gathering wave of revolt against these organizations has taken hold of the conservative majority . Information long hidden from public view over their plans and activities begin to pour forth in the conservative media and to be debated openly in the think tanks. The moment is ripe for proving that among the innumerable lies these organizations spread in order to manipulate American public opinion are many that concern our country and our politicians. Just to give you an idea of the vast cynicism of these people, the CFR nominated, as head of its task force for influencing Washington’s policy on Brazil, no less than Mr. Kenneth Maxwell, the same who, using his alleged authority as a “specialist”, tried to convince Brazil that the Forum of São Paulo does not even exist.

There are ambitious and deluded persons in Brazil who believe they can influence the American government through direct contracts with the Dept. of State and the White House. They are fools. First of all: The USA is not like Brazil, where the Executive can change the course of policy as it pleases. Here, everything depends on long debates, on conquering the hearts and minds of the influencers of public opinion … on the exercise of democracy, in short. Brazil doen’t even know what democracy means. We think that Bush is a sort of Lula of the Right.

Secondly, both Bush and Condoleezza Rice may be conservative to the depths of their souls, and I have no doubt of their sincerity, the fact is that both are members of the CFR and care enough for their political careers not to shit where they eat.

They will only change their policy toward Latin America if they fell they are supported by the makers of Republican opinion. Trying to convince them personally is unnecessary and futile. In all probability, they are already convinced. The important task is to convince their sources of support. No one is going to accomplish anything with back-office whispers. This is not a banana republic where everything flows from one’s friendship with the Godfather. Democracies simply do not work that way. What needs to be done needs to be done openly and publicly.

In my struggle against the concerted efforts of hundreds of leftist NGOs that have worked for decades here to gain nearly complete control over the flow of information on Brazil to the mass media, I see that I am almost completely alone. Alone and without resources. Where I am luck is that (1) there is a real hunger in the conservative think tanks today for real information on the Latin American revolution; (2) the mass media is not as powerful as all that: the conservatives dominate talk radio, which reach a must greater segment of the population than the newspapers of radical chic; (3) as I have no partisan affiliations, I represent only my own views and say only that which I personally believe, and there are many individuals here who believe as I do. No one has more authority than I do before an American audience (which is the very thing that makes a ctizen automatically suspect backi in Brazil). Since I got here, I have organized a number of conferences at think tanks, schools and meetings of professional societies, awaking interest and the frank approval of highly influential audiences, including rock stars of the conservative press, political scientists of great academic prestiges, and even sub-secretaries of State.

The moment, I repeat, is right. The veil of the Latin American lie is about to be torn away, and no CFR will be able to prevent it.

Here I learned what democracy really is. Democracy provides no one with their freedom. It merely gives every human being a chance to struggle for their freedom. We see this happening, in a substantive way, in the courage and will to fight displayed by so many Americans today as they rise up against the “radical chic” establishment esquerdista, often succeeding in defeating it using the means placed at their disposition by the rule of law. These means are also available to those who desire to reestablish the truth about Brazil.

I do not wish to boast of my achievements, but I know that in the conservative media and the Republcan think tanks, almost no one still believes in the idiotic lie that Lula is an antidote to Chavist subversion. And I am conscious of having contributed actively to the effort to bury that lie forever. One day, news that the lie is dead will reach the American government, if they have not arrived already.

To this end, I have used all the means at my disposal: conferences, articles, letters, phone calls, distribution of evidence and documents, and countless personal conversations. Once in a while I post samples of my work to my Web site.

The problem is that all this requires time, effort and money. Normally, an effort on this scale would be the work of an entire team. You would need to found an independent ONG , with no ties to political parties or “networks”, with a team of editors, conference organizers, translators, PR people and fundraisers, skilled in doing what all NGOs do: press conferences, debates, newsletters, direct mail, a Web site that is updated daily, and the publication of books.

But lacking those resources, I do everything myself. Without an NGO behind me, without a sponsor or any political or private-sector support. My journalist visa also does not permit me to work for local firms. All the writing and lecturing I do here is for free. The sum of my means of support consists of the salary I receive from Brazil and the constant support of two or three friends.

I am not complaining, mind you. …

I’ll post the rest when I get a chance. As a former philosphy major, however, it’s also interesting to read about Prof. de Carvalho as an exponent of Gnosticism.

Nothing could be more alien to the American pragmaticism of Peirce that my commsymp profs brainwashed me with.

Sure, I have read Harold Bloom on the American “Gnostic religion.” It’s one thing to analyze the phenomenon, however, and another to actively promote it.

And as a media observer, it’s interesting to note, by the way, that the Professor is another of that growing legion of Wikipedia autobiographers. The PT-language Wikipedia apparently lacks a substantial NPV enforcement force.

And exactly what is this shadowy Forum of São Paulo, anyway?


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