The R$214.680 Laptop Arrives in Platoon Strength

Antonio Battro of One Laptop per Child Brazil: fgastr-fdiunmfgerer errors galore.

O número de equipamentos entregue ao governo brasileiro ainda em novembro para testes aumentou de 50 para 65 portáteis.

IDG Now! | Laptop de US$ 100: 65 copies of the MIT “$100 laptop”are delivered to the Brazilian government for testing in the schools. Terra reported today that the photos were “leaked on the Internet,” but the staged photo op appears to have been released by OLPC several days ago on its Web site.

I signed the pledge to buy one of these doodads when they came out, but the drive failed to reach the magic number of 100,000 pledgors, so I won’t have the chance to tinker with it and review it.

IDG Brasil, by the way, is an excellent operation. I loved their podcast with Intel Brasil’s staff ethnographer — the first in South America — on why the iPod is a product design disaster in the boombox and roda de samba culture of Brazil.

Which may or may not be true, and has a certain air of the gabbling ratfink of a competitor about it. But at least, unlike Fox News, when IDG interviews an Intel anthropologist, they identify the man as such.

The OLPC gizmo: Intel inside.


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