The Positivo Choice: Wintel or Lintel

Surf City Cidade de Deus: Some Brazilian guy makes fun of cheap “digital divide-bridging” computers, a couple of years back. They do finally seem to be getting cheaper and better, though, to the point where you no longer have to buy them from the Great Sino-Paraguayan Silk Road in order to get yourself include. 

CCE e Positivo fabricam notebook educacional barato da Intel no Brasil: Intel announces that it will license its holy tech to two Brazilian manufacturers to produce a low-priced educational laptop here in Brazil, in two versions: Lintel and Wintel.

No word in the IDG Now! article on how much extra you will pay for the stripped-down Windows “starter edition.”

CCE I am not familiar with — sorry, I should be by now — but Positivo we tend to think of as the house PC brand of the Casas Bahia, one of Brazil’s most notable appliance and time- and labor-saving gizmo retailers. Not as much cheaper as you would wish, but moving in that direction, and decent equipment.

Disclosure: Our flatscreen TV is a Gradiente, and a fine, cheap quality little idiot box it is, too. You can make out every single little retouched fio grisalho on William Bonner’s temples from all the way across the room.

This post was processed by an export-grade 64-bit AMD Athlon processor, however, on a really cheesy Acer Ferrari 3400 with a Brazilian keyboard, the first I have owned — marked down from R$8,000 to R$1,500 at FNAC because it was a floor demo, and possibly also because it runs so hot for me — even under powernowd, so maybe its that infamous lithium-ion battery fubar in action — that the indelible “Designed for Windows XP” sticker is actually about to melt off.

Running Ubuntu Edgy Eft, of course. With Blackbox from FreeBSD at the moment, which rocks. But to do with the preset “Windows” button on the PT-Br keyboard? Can we live without its magic functionality? Yes. Alt-F1, in Gnome. And you can reprogram the Windows button to do something useful instead.

In the meantime, what is happening with the government project for a non-Intel version of the educational computer — a second source of competition for the MIT $100 laptop? I’ll let you know. I am keen to see — careca pra saber — what happens next to the PT’s apparently stalled e-gov initiatives.

Lula was photographed with Negroponte today — Nick, not his brother the spook in chief, obviously. I wonder what ABIN would do if Johnny Blackbridge showed up?

São Paulo – O notebook educacional da Intel terá duas versões: uma com sistema operacional Linux e outra com o Windows Starter Edition.

Lula and Nicky Blackbridge: ” I have only three very fat fingers. Will this dinky little thing work for me?” Negroponte: Maybe if you guys ordered more than a measly 65, with a thousand more for later testing — you promised, dude — we can work out some economies of scale.”

The gizmo will be called the ClassMate PC and will show up in (which?) stores in 2007.

A Intel anunciou nesta terça-feira (05/11) que não apenas trará ao país em 2007 o ClassMate PC, mas também fabricará no Brasil sua linha de notebooks educacionais.

The ClassMate: In Brazil, mate is tea-like hot or cold drink made from a powerfully — and I mean like wow; there is a great anecdote about it in Levi-Strauss’s Tristes Tropiques — caffeinated tree bark. The gaúchos call their version of it chimarrão. Intel: You might give up the manufacturing, but never, never give up the branding. But come on, local ad agencies need work, too. How about the Computaflor, for the pink girl’s edition, and the Computagol, for the boys’? Or must we really gender-stereotype the thing? How about the Aulamática? The marmita de conhecimento? The Macunaíma? The Saúva? Whatever, just be sure to get that delightful Xuxa involved in the project …


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