Alagoas: Judge Reported Kidnapped, “Political Motivation” Linked to E-Voting Case Cited

Tourinho: “visibly irritated.”

O POVO (Fortaleza, Ceará) reports just now:

O presidente da Associação dos Magistrados de Alagoas (Almagis), juiz Paulo Zacarias, foi seqüestrado na noite de domingo, 11, por volta das 21h30 quando saía da Igreja no bairro de Pinheiros, em Maceió. No início da madrugada desta segunda-feira, 12, ele fez contato com o filho, disse que estava em poder de um grupo de seqüestradores que cobrava da família um resgate de R$ 300 mil.

The president of the Alaogan Magistrates Association (Almagis), Paulo Zacarias, was kidnapped Sunday night at around 9:30 pm as he was emerging from the neighborhood church in the Pinheiros district of Maceió. Early in the morning on Monday, he made contact with his son, saying he was in the power of a group of kidnappers demanding R$300,000 in ransom from his family.

A member of a special anti-mafia court in Alagoas had a family member kidnapped recently, I recall. See Anarchy in Alagoas: Anti-Anti-Mafia Assassination Outed?

Operation Anaconda, meanwhile, a recent federal police operation, allegedly turned up links between Alagoan judges and organized crime.

An anonymous senior civil police official told the Gazeta do Povo yesterday that the drug traffic in the state operates with the cooperation and protection of military police, municipal police and prison guards, who “receive weekly or monthly stipends.”

O carro do juiz, um Corolla, foi encontrado na madrugada desta segunda no Balneário do Broma, município de Marechal Deodoro, na Grande Maceió. O carro estava completamente carbonizado.

The judge’s car, a Corolla, was found in the early hours of the morning in Balneário do Broma in the muncipality of Marcehal Deodoro, in Greater Maceió. The car had been completely burned.

Juízes amigos de Zacarias suspeitam que o seqüestro tenha motivação política, já que na semana passada, o presidente da Almagis emitiu nota oficial em defesa do presidente do TRE de Alagoas, desembargador Fernando Tourinho.

Judges who were friends of Zacarias suspect that the kidnapping was politically motivated, since last week, the Almagis president issued an official note in defense of the president of the Alagoas elections court, Judge Fernando Tourinho.

Say what?

On the note from Almagis, see Alagoas: Elections Justice Denies Invisible Charges, Visibly Smoldering Evidence.

On Tourinho, see Mello Meets With Alagoas Election Mufti and Alagoas: Tourinho is Shocked! Shocked!

On the general controversy over the elections in Alagoas, see The Great Alagoas E-Voting WTF: Did Brazilian Election Authorities Cover Up Fraud, Incompetence?

And the post that started us down the road: From the ‘Beating the Mystical, Magical Flying Horse of E-Voting Until It’s Good & Freaking Dead’ File: Alagoas.


Na nota, Zacarias defende o desembargador dos ataques de políticos ligados ao ex-deputado federal João Lira, que questiona na justiça a lisura do pleito em Alagoas. As autoridades de segurança já tomaram conhecimento do seqüestro e estão mobilizadas para resolver o caso.

In that note, Zacarias defends the judge from political attacks linked to former congressman Joaõ Lyra, who has filed a lawsuit questioning the legitimacy of the last election. The security forces have been informed of the kidnapping and are mobilizing to solve the case.

I am not on the scene, naturally, but the notion that the elections case has to do with a kidnapping for ransom seems, to put it mildly, outlandish to me. Globo soap opera outlandish.

And supposing, just speculating here, that the man’s friends might be using a genuine kidnapping to score nasty, nasty political points, you have to ask: With friends like these, who needs enemies?

I told you this was going to get interesting, did I not? Stay tuned.

Anyone want to take odds on a staged kidnapping, followed by decamping, with a loyal and loving secretary, to a jurisidiction without an extradition treaty?

Exclusive! International Web sites give tips on sexual tourism!” O Povo, from the capital of the neighboring state of Ceará, today.


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