“Overthrowing Lula”: The Conspiracy Theory

“Cut to: int. Burleson AFB, Ripper’s office. Mandrake examines a notepad on Ripper’s desk. It is covered with doodles and an interlocking pattern of the words Peace On Earth, and Purity Of Essence.”

We live in a world — as Linda Stone [of Edelman client Microsoft] describes — of continuous partial attention. –Richard Edelman

Let’s indulge ourselves with a look at another one of those bizarre, schizogenic informational warfare gambits that float around the Lusophone Web:

Alerta Total | O Arquivo X de um Golpe Contra Lula
“The X-Files of a Plot to Overthrow Lula.”

Alerta Total is a blog that since I have been following this sort of thing has consistently marched more or less in lockstep with a Brazilian “NGO” called TERNUMA, or “Terrorism Never More” — and its Virginia-based liaison with the American religious right, Olavo de Carvalho. See, for example,“In Defense of Amnesty”.

So it is fascinating to see its author suddenly start posting to the lefty Indymedia Brasil on such matters as the Alagoas elections fraud case. See Indymedia Oddity: Infowarriors Brandish Veja “Scoop” in FUD Campaign.

[UPDATE: This nonsense actually does turn up later to illustrate the thesis that “the Brazilian loony Left uses disinformation, too!” See Brazil: “We Must Clamp Down on the Nazi Internet!”

Here, it posts a litany of the names of plotters embedded in a conspiracy theory that posits the existence of a shadowy Rio Group — a conspiracy theory baited with current commonplaces about the awful state of the Brazilian news media. Which has a certain plausibility to it, mind you. The Brazilian news media really can be amazingly toxic.

This bizarre document has been floating around the newsgroups and forums for a couple of years now. Now it shows up on the blog of the DOI-CODI Veterans for Truth. Weird.

The reference to the X-Files — the secret UFO project the government does not want you to know about! — however, immediately suggest a classic variant on the “rhetoric of the technological sublime.”

“The truth is out there.” “There are more things under heaven and earth, Horatio than are dreamed of in your philosophy.” “In the sleep of reason, monsters are born.”

All primary indicators that some form of empty bullshit of the kind commonly heard around the dorm-room bong is about to follow.

My theory: These people want you to believe that there is a vast, effective and terrifying armed and reactionary element out there that can still get shit done. And that they were never part of it.

I am not sure sure that that is not utter bollocks, however. It all seems rather grubby and desperate to me.

You saw similar meatheaded infowar tactics being used in the Oaxaca conflict as well. See “Truth is Nowhere”, for example.

You also saw alt.media infowarriors infiltrating Oaxaca Indymedia with frequent postings, ostensibly in support of APPO and the like. They then attempted to spend the trust accumulated by playing to the confirmation bias of the form on the suggestion that photographher Brad Will was shot in the back by APPO “thugs” or that he was armed himself.

See Mexico: Whois Whodunnit Exposes the Infowar.

Global Voices Online consistently gave prominent play to this kind of nonsense, and no doubt still does: See “Fair & Balanced”: Harvard Law Bloggers Give Equal Weight to Disinformation.

A similar tactic is being used by InfomediaTV of Porto Alegre — the hybrid news-PR organization has been caught red-handed conducting disinformation campaigns in open forums on behalf of its client, Microsoft — in warning against the use of trolling techniques in online forums.

See Shocked! Shocked! The InfomediaTV Lecture On Sincerity & Authenticity.

You also see this Olavo de Carvalho character pulling stuff like this: running articles, for example, on his Media Unmasked — Mídia sem Máscaras — Web site, accusing Tradition, Property and Fatherland of being “a dangerous left-leaning liberation theology group.”

I swear. I have the clippings. See also Spinning the World Backwards: Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

Now, in the midst of the current crisis in civilian-military relations in Brazil — although how much of a genuine crisis it really is remains to be seen — Alerta Total publishes an article that plays to the confirmation bias of pro-Lula bloggerdom and alt.media with all the loopy enthusiasm and determination of a Wesside crack whore following a $20 bill into the back seat of a Lincoln Town Car.

Bylining the story with the name of the assassinated Wall St. Journal reporter is an especially bizarre touch.

What to make of the sudden about-face? Hard to say.

These people are totally nuts, first of all. And not terribly bright.

My idle theory is that it might have something to do with a certain climate of anxiety about the question “What did you do in the dirty wars, Daddy?”

See also “Colombian Elites Are Shocked! Shocked!”, on a Washington Post Foreign Service reporter who has transformed himself from (a) an autohagiopher by proxy of the paramilitaries into (b) a tsk-tsking innocent bystander to the parapolitical crisis there. Presto change-o!

It’s like Alessandra Mussolini says:

Alessandra Mussolini, Europarliamentarian: “Non è un problema di destra e di sinistra. I voltagabbana vanno dove c’è il potere.” (”It is not a question of right and left. Turncoats always go where the power is.”)

But who knows? It’s a story worth devoting one’s full attention to from time to time, that’s all I’m saying.

There actually are field manuals out there on how to conduct this sort of information warfare campaign, and one of these days I am going to start matching up cases I have collected with the chapter and verse of the infowar textbooks that are out there in the public domain now.

In the meantime, I merely translate — in haste — for later annotation and reverse engineering.

Dossiê “O Golpe de Estado e a Caixa-Preta da Imprensa – Assassinato,, Corrupção e Jornalismo Alugado”.

The Coup d’Etat and the Black-Box of the Press: Assassination, Corruption and Journalism for Hire.”

By Daniel Pearl

Desde 2002, a Mídia Conservadora e os partidos de Direita (PSDB, PFL, PPS e Cia.) não aceitaram a vitória do ex-metalúrgico Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva e de seu partido, o PT. Em 2003, começa a arquitetura do plano para minar o Governo Lula. Vamos relatar agora o que alguns jornalistas independentes descobriram a respeito do Golpe: Em pouco mais de um ano de atividades, o JIBRA (Jornalistas Independentes do Brasil), com sede oficial em Londres (UK) vem divulgando uma série de dossiês que ajudam a explicar a crise política brasileira. Nosso trabalho se insere numa ação de cidadania responsável que se destina a vencer o bloqueio da censura imposta no Brasil pelos grandes veículos de comunicação, controlados por algumas famílias e por poderosas organizações multinacionais de mídia.

Since 2002, the Conservative Media [sic] and the parties of the Right (PSDB, PFL, PSS and so on) have not accepted the victory of former metal-worker Lula and his party, the PT. In 2003, the architecting of plan to underminar the Lula Government begins. Let us relate now what some indpendent journalists have discovered about the Coup: In a little over year of activity, JIBRA (Independent Journalists of Brazil), headquartered in London have been publishing a series of dossiers that help to explain the Brazilian political crisis. Our work is an act of responsible citizenship that aims at overcoming the blockade of censorship imposed in Brazil by the major media companies, controlled by a few families and a powerful media multinationals.

No one has apparently ever heard of or talked to JIBRA, or such fine London-based Brazilian journalists as Daniel Pearl, or Luis Salvador, or Morgana White — who on one mailing list is said to have employed Jean Charles, the Brazilian immigrant killed by mistake by London police, as a stringer of sorts.

Or Daniel Pearl, for that matter.

The pseudonym — recalling the slain Wall Street Journal reporter — reminds me a bit of that moment in Futurama when Fry arrives to deliver a pizza to a certain I.C. Wiener at a cryogenic — then realizes that the pseudonym is just a bad pun. (The customer has an “icy wiener” because he is frozen. Get it?)

There is a blogger by that name, however, whose Blogger profile identifies him as a “Christian Democrat” from Fortaleza, Ceará. (Automatic geolocation of Brazilian users tends to yield Fortaleza as a sort of default point beyond which the traceroute cannot penetrate. Maybe that is where the translatlantic backbone comes ashore. Not sure.)
His Desabafo País (Brasil) blog is dedicated to the same topic, collecting all the standard Netroots memes on how badly Veja magazine and Globo TV suck into one place, with an extensive blogroll.

Nesse período, sofremos todo tipo de perseguições. No Brasil, nossos colaboradores tiveram suas vidas devassadas. Computadores foram apreendidos e contas de e-mail tiveram o sigilo quebrado, sempre com suporte dos serviços de inteligência dos Estados Unidos da América, especialmente dos funcionários “especiais” que trabalham em Brasília. Em Londres, recebemos por várias vezes as visitas de agentes policiais e nossos telefones foram grampeados. Talvez a exposição desses fatos ajude a explicar os episódios que descreveremos em seguida.

During this period, we suffered all kinds of persecutions. In Brazil, our collaborators had their lives destroyed. Computers were seized and e-mail accounts were interecepted, always with support from the U.S. intelligence comunity, particularly those “special” employees in Brasília. In London, we have received a number of visits from police agents and had our telephones bugged. Perhaps this account of the facts will help to explain the episodes we will describe below.

No corroboration of any of that, mind you.

Brasil: A República dos Jornalistas Corruptos – Há tempos, pede-se a abertura da Caixa Preta da imprensa brasileira. Nenhum cidadão razoavelmente inteligente pode acreditar que a violenta campanha para derrubar o Presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva seja realizada por jornalistas somente seduzidos pela doutrina neoliberal e conservadora difundida pelos quadros intelectuais da elite brasileira. Há muito dinheiro correndo nos túneis subterrâneos do Golpe de Estado em curso no Brasil. Boa parte desse dinheiro se destina a abastecer os jornalistas e formadores de opinião recrutados pelo Grupo Rio. Investigações independentes, realizadas de Setembro de 2005 a Março de 2006, revelam que pelo menos 76 pessoas, entre jornalistas e outras personalidades, foram agraciados por suas contribuições ao Golpe de Estado. Certamente, há os que nada cobram, que se juntam à sedição por motivos particulares ou por investirem em benefícios futuros. Os bancos Nossa Caixa, Bank of Boston e Santander Banespa tem sido os principais canais de repasse para a maior parte desses profissionais de duplo emprego.

Brazil: The Republic of Corrupt Journalists. For some time now an opening of the black box of the Brazilian press has been demanded. Not reasonably intelligent citizen can believe that the violent campaign to overthrow President Lula would be realized by journalists merely because they were seduced by the conservative, neoliberal doctrine of the intellectual cadres of the Brazilian elite. A lot of money is flowing through the underground channels of the Brazilian Coup. A good part of this money is destined for journalists and opinion-makers recruited by the Rio Group. Independent investigations, realized between Sept. 2005 and March 2006, reveal that at least 76 persons, including journalists and other personalities, benefitted from money paid to assist in the Coup. To be sure, some do it for free, they join in the sedition for private reasons or as an investment in future benefits. The banks Nossa Caixa, Bank of Boston and Santander Banespa

It is true that Santander Banespa — the Spanish bank got a sweetheart deal on the privatization of Banespa, one that is getting looked into now, with generalized cries of “political persecution!” — funds the University of Navarre’s Master em Jornalismo program in Brazil, whose director is Geraldo Alckmin’s Opus Dei spirtual adviser.

See Dei O, Dei O; or, Deus Dará.

However, most rank and file Brazilian journalists I know put up with a certain amount of shit simply because there is no work to be had if you get fired, and they have rent to pay and mouths to feed.

Nothing especially dramatic or sinister about that. Your union is an owner-controlled scab union. Your big boss is a nasty dolt. Your immediate boss is a greasy little toadying climber. You do what you have to do.

NMM Candidate Maxim No. 13:

The truth of nasty business like this is almost always far, far grubbier and meaner than these fairy tales of vast conspiracies by evil supermen.

As Ike said, “Their Number is Negligible and They are Stupid”.

And as César “The Naked” Maia points out in his ex-blog, the whole thing might well be explained by a certain ratings-driven infotainment mentality.

The other day, at a dinner in a fashionable restaurant, a senior editor for a major national media operation was saying — that same red wine again — that the fundamental thing you have to do to “loyalize” your audience is to trash the government. That this is the common attitude of people who would rather not take responsibility for their own failures and therefore like to hear that all of their problems are the government’s fault. Trash, criticize, find errors and generalize them, show one side of the dispute as if it were the whole picture, this is the kind of thing the reader or view or listener never tires of hearing, and the people who thrive in the media business are the ones that give the people what they really want.

The image “https://i2.wp.com/www.filmforum.org/films/brand/brandpostnew.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Anyway …

Quem são os jornalistas empenhados em instaurar o terror no País – A legião de colaboradores do Golpe de Estado se divide em três frentes diferentes na mídia: 1) Jornalistas da grande imprensa; 2) Blogueiros e articulistas “independentes”; 3) Formadores de opinião (analistas políticos, artistas, etc…). Os primeiros tratam de ecoar tudo que é supostamente negativo no governo do Presidente Lula. Exageram, ofendem, instauram suspeitas e, a todo custo, recorrem ao moralismo rasteiro para provocar indignação nos cidadãos. É o caso do jornalista Ricardo Noblat. Os segundos são utilizados geralmente para divulgar informações falsas, parte da estratégia de terror utilizada na desestabilização do País. Por serem menos facilmente enquadráveis, realizam o trabalho sujo de poluição informativa. É o caso de Claudio Humberto. Os terceiros são cooptados das mais diferentes formas, nem sempre presenteados com dinheiro. Na farsa midiática, servem para criar uma ilusão de caos institucional, de decepção geral e indignação contra o governo. É o caso do ator Lima Duarte, tradicionalmente ligado ao tucanismo; de um conhecido humorista; do deputado Fernando Gabeira; do presidente da OAB (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), de Roberto Busato, a quem foi prometido o cargo de Ministro da Justiça em eventual futuro governo do PSDB-PFL; do “oabista” Orlando Maluf Haddad, cuja má índole é equivalente a sua capacidade de acumular patrimônio; e da analista de assuntos políticos Lucia Hipólito.

Who are the journalists trying to instill terror in the Nation? The legion of collaborators in the Coup are divided into three fronts: (1) mainstream media journalists; (2) bloggers and “independent” feature writers; (3) opinion-makers (political analysts, pop stars, and the like). The first try to echo everything that is allegedly negative about the Lula government. They exaggerate, insult, spread suspicion and, above all, resort to cheap moralizing to provoke indignation on the part of citizens. Such is the case with Ricardo Noblat. The second are generally used to spread disinformation, part of the strategy of terror used to destabilize the Nation. Because they are less easily identified, they do the dirty work of information pollution. That is the case with Claudio Humberto.

Humberto is the former press aide to Fernando Collor who, allegedly, hangs out a lot with Larry Rohter of the New York Times. But Noblat is principally a blogger himself, though Globo signs his paychecks. GVO often cites him as a source of “grassroots” Brazilian opinion, for example.

The third are coopted in various ways, not always with money. In this media farce, they created the illusion of institutional chaos, of generalized disillusionment and indignation against the government. That is the case of actor Lima Duarte, a traditional Toucan; of a well-known humorist; of Fernando Gabeira of the Green Party; of the president of the OAB (Brazilian bar association), of Roberto Busato, who was promised the Ministry of Justice in an eventual PSDB-PFL government; of Orlando Maluf Haddad, whose bad genes are rivalled only by his knack for getting rich; and the political analyst Lucia Hipólito.

What an odd list. Gabeira is certainly a New Media-savvy pol, and Latin American Green Parties have gone in some strange direction lately that I do not fully understand. But I do not tend to lump him in with the likes of Mainardi. The rest of those people I am not very familiar with. Does anyone actually care what they think?

Como ganhar dinheiro fácil – Para alguns desses jornalistas e formadores de opinião, o ofício sempre foi uma prática de comércio apartada de valores morais ou de condutas éticas. É o caso do “empoado” Augusto Nunes, do Jornal do Brasil, e de Eurípedes Alcântara, da revista Veja. O segundo esteve inúmeras vezes nos Estados Unidos, sempre participando de simpósios do Departamento de Estado e do Departamento de Defesa para jornalistas latino-americanos alinhados com as políticas de Washington. Logicamente, Alcântara sempre foi retribuído por suas ações no sentido de desmoralizar qualquer projeto ou personalidade da esquerda no Brasil. O Departamento de Defesa dos Estados Unidos reproduz uma conversa telefônica entre Alcântara e Donald Rumsfeld. [URL]

How to make easy money: For some of these journalists and opinion-makers, the profession was always a money-making deal separated from moral values or ethical conduct. That is the case with Augusto Nunes of the Jornal do Brasil and Eurípedes Alcântara of Veja magazine. The latter has been in the U.S. many times, always to participate in symposia at the Dept. of State and Pentagon for Latin American journalists aligned with Washington’s policies. Naturally, Alcântara was always paid for his efforts to undermine any and all personalities and projects of the Brazilian left. The Department of Defense has published a phone conversation between him and Donald Rumsfeld.

This was a straight interview that the guy did for his job. Standard exchange of canned questions and prepared talking points with the political elephant.

My first question is about your overall impression of Latin America and of Brazil particularly and if this trip has made you change your mind in any issue.

Says Rummy:

RUMSFELD: I don’t know that it’s had the effect of having me change my mind on any issue. I had what I felt to be a very good trip. I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet some of the leadership in Latin America and certainly in Brazil.

CartaCapital ran an interview with a former FBI agent a few years back in which the fellow describes in some detail how the Embassy sets out to influence the Brazilian media every day.

I was reminded of that story the other night watching that Frontline episode on the State Dept.’s Rapid Response media monitoring unit.

Interesting report. It gives you the impression that DoD and State are trying to be a little more above-board in their media relations lately.

You even hear two infowarriors, whose war is making the rounds of the studios of Qatar, deploring the fact that Al-Jazeera English is not available in the U.S.

Did the USG really decide to stop pulling that kind of stuff? I would be in favor of that, actually. It makes us gringos look bad. It’s like we don’t have faith anymore in the persuasive power of our democratic ideals, so we try to impose our will with a transparently hypocritical synergy of smart bombs, willie pete, cluster munitions, Karen Hughes, sports marketers running the White House communications office. In a word, the infotainment blogging state.

The problem is that Karen Hughes still has a job. And Wolfie’s ex-girlfriend works for her. These are public and notorious facts. You really think nobody notices this stuff? Hell, I notice, and I am just some guy with too much time on his hands.

Personally, if I had to choose a conspiracy theory, I would tend to think that games without frontiers among armed media monopolies have more to do with the situation than anything: the likes of Daniel Dantas and Civita, going for regime change in order to manage their regulatory risk. Spanish banks. Telefónica. Aznar and Cardoso, asshole buddies of big tech and telco lobbyists.

Or, hey, maybe it’s the Mossad. After they got caught buying state secrets from an AIPAC lobbyist, maybe our spies are not playing nice with their spies anymore. Brazilian diplomacy wants to play a role in Mideast diplomacy. Brazil has large, influential Jewish and Lebano-Syrian populations, after all. It has nothing quite so visible as the Lobby, of course, but then the sources of political money are still a pretty murky affair.

Israeli infowar does have a certain zany cachet about it, don’t you think? A certain exuberance, a certain meatheaded zest for multiple levels of sophomoric irony.

But hey, who really knows? I keep waiting for something to give me something more solid than these kind of fairy tales.

Um pequeno e cômico trecho mostra o tipo de jornalismo produzido pelo escoteiro de Roberto Civita. Outros jornalistas têm servido com fidelidade aos articuladores do Golpe de Estado, como o blogueiro Fernando Rodrigues e o articulista Merval Pereira. A norma é simples. Negar ou criticar qualquer sucesso da administração de Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Os sucessos na Educação, como o Prouni, e na promoção social, como o Bolsa Família, devem ser ignorados ou tratados com ironia ácida. Toda suspeita deve ser concebida como verdade. Tudo que representar dano à reputação do presidente e de seu partido deve ser ampliado, se possível em tom de indignação cívica. No plano das alianças, referências à Venezuela e a Hugo Chávez devem ser sempre negativas. Os comentaristas e analistas seguem a mesma cartilha (um conjunto informal de orientações conhecido como Bola7), produzida sob coordenação do publicitário Paschoal Fabra Neto. É o caso de Luciano Dias, do IBEP, aluno obediente do Grupo Rio. Vale acompanhar seu torto pensamento, expresso no UOL (serviço do Internet do jornal Folha de S. Paulo).

A small and laughable sample shows the kind of journalism turned out by Civita’s shield bearer … [yada yada] … It is the case of Luciano Dias, of IBEP, an obedient pupil of the Rio Group. It is worth following the tortuous lines of his thinking on UOL (the Internet service of the Folha de S. Paulo).

O jogo das contas bancárias milagrosas – Ricardo Noblat, Fernando Rodrigues, Claudio Humberto, Augusto Nunes, Merval Pereira, Otavio Cabral, Lucia Hipolito, Luciano Dias, Lilian Witte Fibe, Mauro Calliari, Eurípedes Alcântara, Mario Sabino, André Petry, Diogo Mainardi, entre outros, não citados porque se beneficiam de nossas incertezas, figuram entre os alegres ganhadores da loteria do golpe.

Litany of alleged scuzzy propaganda artists, although I do not know all of these names myself. Mainardi, Noblat and Humberto, certainly.

Cabe aos bons jornalistas, descobrir quem os tem premiado. Interessante é que idêntico sistema de compra seletiva de jornalistas e comunicadores tem sido registrado na Venezuela, no Paraguai e, mais recentemente, no Peru. A comparação nas metodologias nos permite deduzir que há uma inteligência operativa internacional por trás dos projetos de desestabilização de governos.Quem compra os jornalistas – O sistema criado pelo PSDB e pelo PFL para a compra de jornalistas é antigo. Seu idealizador foi o falecido ministro Sérgio Motta, o Serjão, responsável por enorme série de falcatruas no reinado de Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

It is up to good journalists to find out who benefited. It is interesting to note that the selective buying off of journalists and public relations people has occurred in Venezuela, Paraguay and, most recently, in Peru. Comparing the methodologies used permits us to deduce that there is an international operation behind these projects of destabilizing governments. Who buys journalists: The system created by the PSDB and the PFL to buy journalists is old news. Its architect was the late Sérgio “Big Serge” Motta, who was responsible for an enormous number of nasty shennanigans during the rein of Cardoso.

Good journalists, whether London-based or blogging from Ceará, can be contacted. They have a track record of bylines and a CV. These people don’t, that I can see. Yet they say they have been persecuted for telling inconvenient truths. But anyone who reads the Brazilian press can verify with no effort at all what has been “reported” here. None of this is really news. Weird.

Segundo ele, a imprensa “comia na mão se farto fosse o grão”. Serjão fez escola, gerando uma série de articuladores de “contratos” com a imprensa. Hoje, alguns militam nas fileiras de José Serra. Outros, no bando do ex-governador alquimista da Opus Dei. Pode-se dizer que boa parte das compras de jornalistas efetuadas na grande imprensa teve como articulador o diretor financeiro do Instituto Sérgio Motta, Vladimir Antonio Rioli. Ex-sócio de José Serra, parceiro do ex-prefeito na prática costumeira do delito, Rioli é conhecido por sua folha corrida.Rioli, já condenado pela Justiça Federal, tem sido tradicional interlocutor tucano em negociações com a Editora Abril, de Roberto Civita, e o Grupo Folha, de Otávio Frias. Outro esforçado negociador tucano tem sido o jornalista Reinaldo Azevedo, da revista “Primeira Leitura”, cuja meta particular tem sido qualificar-se como porta-voz da direita brasileira. Ainda que intelectualmente limitado e dono de texto raso e confuso, Azevedo tem sido reverenciado pelos reacionários brasileiros, a ponto de merecer referência no site Mídia Sem Máscara, do filósofo “neonazista” Olavo de Carvalho. No mundo das transações subterrâneas, Azevedo é conhecido pela avareza. Espírito disciplinado de militante, procura pagar pouco por textos de interesse da cúpula tucana.

According to Motta, the press “ate out of our hands if the grain was plentiful.” Big Serge founded a school that turned out a number of people that negotiated “contracts” with the press. Today, some of them fight in the ranks of José Serra. Others in the Opus Dei ex-governor, Alckmin. It could be said that a good part of the buying of journalists in the mainstream press was organized by the financial director of the Sergio Motta Institute, Vladimir Antonio Rioli. A former partner of Serra, and a partner in crime of the former mayor, Rioli is known for the size of his Rolodex. Rioli, who was found guilty by a federal court, has been a traditional Toucan interlocutor with Editorial Abril and the Folha Group. Another is Reinaldo Azevedo of the failed magazine Primeira Leitura, whose goal is to become the spokeman of the Brazilian right. Though intellectually limited and [a crappy writer], Azevedo is revered by Brazilian reactionaries, to the point that he was referred to by the Web site of “neonazi” philosopher Olavo de Carvalho. In the world of underground transactions, Azevedo is known for his greed. With the discipline of a good soldier, he wants to get paid for texts that serve the interests of the senior Toucans.

I do not know that any of that is true, I hasten to add.

A ala dos alquimistas teve em Roger Ferreira seu mais destacado negociador. O ex-assessor de comunicação do governador de São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, atuou às claras nas grandes redações, a ponto de ser chamado de “trintinha”, numa alusão ao preço padrão pago por matérias especiais do interesse de seu chefe. Roger Ferreira, citado no dossiê elaborado pelo ex-gerente de marketing do banco Nossa Caixa Jaime de Castro Júnior, coordenava o esquema do Palácio dos Bandeirantes para beneficiar com verbas de publicidade uma série de emissoras de rádio e TV, além de jornais e revistas. Ferreira foi ainda interlocutor do governo paulista em tratativas com representantes do grupo Cisneros (Venezuela) no Brasil. A corporação mantém uma parceria comercial com o Grupo Abril, que publica Veja. De acordo com o deputado estadual Afanásio Jazadji, do PFL, o governador Alckmin chegou a negociar pessoalmente projetos inescrupulosos para dourar sua imagem pública.

The Alckminist wing has Roger Ferreira as its lead negotiator. The former press secretary to Gerald Alckmin operates openly at the major publications, to the point of being nicknamed “30,” an allusion to the standard payment for special articles that interest his boss.

Thirty reals? You can make more by typing that many words.

Ferreira, cited in the dossier assembled by former Nossa Caixa marketing director Jaime de Castro, coordinated the scheme run out of the Governor’s Palace to [favor friendly media with government and parapolitical ad spends.] He also represented the São Paulo government in negotiations with the Cisneros Group in Venezuela, which has a business partnership with Grupo Abril, publisher of Veja. According to state deputy Jazadji of the PFL, Alckmin even personally negotiated unscrupulous projects to gild his public image.

All of that very plausible, but without citations to chapter and verse, you probably want to take it with a grain of salt. As any student of journalism knows.

Weird, isn’t it? A lot of the persons on that hit list are nasty actors, I find, whose sins against journalism can easily be catalogued.

You could also add the Opus Dei-defending Ali Kemal, an essay by whom on that subject I found the other day on the Web, in chiclete com banana English as she is spoke.

But really, there is hardly any journalistic substance to this “exposé,” and the identities of the putative authors — correct me if I am wrong — smell an awful lot like clumsily constructed legends.

Alcântara got a perfunctory phone interview with Rummy.

Therefore, he is a Yankee stooge!

I want to see cancelled checks sign by the president of The Rio Group, LLC to all these people, and employment contracts spelling out their duties as 21st century Donald Segrettis, and a classified grant signed by Rummy — or one of Jack Abramoff’s tribal chieftain casino CEO buddies — to The Rio Group, LLC.

Wake me when you have that.

Look, real lefties, I find, tend to be “pornographers of facts” — I actually heard one of these neo-udenistas in the Bornhausen mold use that term once.

Real lefties heap up the hard facts into a giant bonfire and then thunder, “And thus we see the moral bankruptcy of the capitalist order!”

Logically and rhetorically, it’s a very different form of persuasion.

The nice thing about it, however, is that it’s easy to pick out the sweeping conclusions, like raisins, and just consume the gruel of nourishing factoids — which tend to be fit for human consumption, at least.

Sourced, for example, to authenticatd documentary evidence and concrete statements by persons speaking for the public record.

If I were still a bong-hitter for Jesus, I guess I might be impressed by the spooky vastness and glittering generalities of all this. But I’m not. Haven’t been for 25 years, really.


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