NMM(-TV)SNBCNNBS: Who Was João Kleber?

NMM(-TV)SNBCNNBS: Who Was João Kleber?

I showed you the Brazilian TV program “Rights of Response” recently, which Rede-TV agreed to air in order to settle a public-interest civil suit over sleazy programming. But how sleazy was it? Or was this, as Diogo Mainardi insists, merely a pretext for tightening state control over the John Galt-inspired noble, free and open market for nonexistent factoids (The Six Families archipelago of cartels, with concessions handed out as political party favors)? So I also wanted to show you the show that the Brazilian federal public advocate sued over racism, violence, and general nastiness: what Brazilians refer to as baixarias. I could not find any of the really nasty stuff I have read about, but this is nasty enough.

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La República: “We Gave Fujimori Hell!”

Socking it to Vladimir: “Our editorial line has been clean and consistent,” insists Mohme Seminário. And Bill Keller thought his paper faced critical reputational risk. 

Diario La República (Peru): The Lima daily continues to defend itself against the charge that Vladimir Montesinos — the Fujimori spy chief who bribed newspapers and broadcasters to support the government in their news reporting — “owned” its editorial line after the death of its publisher.

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Gustavo Mohme Seminario. Cargo. Director del diario La República, presidente del Consejo de la Prensa Peruana, y directivo de la Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa.

Gustavo Mohme Seminario, publisher, La República; president, Peruvian Press Council; director, Interamerican Press Society.  

En entrevista, en el programa radial Al Día con César Hildebrandt, el director de La República, Gustavo Mohme Seminario, respondió a las afirmaciones lanzadas en el audio de la infamia por el corrupto Vladimiro Montesinos. Beto Ortiz pretendió a partir de ahí poner en duda la línea editorial de este diario que ha sido, es y será siempre un referente en la lucha contra la dictadura del extraditable Alberto Fujimori. A continuación transcribimos parte del diálogo. La entrevista completa leerla en la página web de La República.

In an interview with César Hildebrandt on the radio program Al Día, the publisher of La República, Gustavo Mohme Seminario, responded to the statements thrown out on the audio recording of slanderous charges made by the corrupt Vladimiro Montesinos. Beto Ortiz has been trying since then to cast doubt on the editorial line of this newspaper, which has been, is now and always will be a beacon in the struggle against the extraditable Alberto Fujimori. Below we transcribe part of the interview, which can be read in its entirety on our Web site.

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Mexico: Key “Televisa Law” Provision Struck Down

Above: Felipe Calderón of PAN receives crucial support from Brozo the Televisa ambush interview clown. Note Calderón’s trademark “Mussolini fist pump” gesture. Source: YouTube. In terms of journalistic integrity, Brozo was recently exposed to disciplinary proceedings by a Mexican broadcast regulator — even as Televisa was found to have failed to live up to its statutory obligations to disclose information about its campaign advertising sales. Are some bets now off?

El Financiero reports: The Mexican Supreme Court struck down a provision of the so-called Televisa Law that proposed making renewal of public spectrum concessions automatic.

That is correct: The Televisa Law, passed not long before the election campaign, proposed making it impossible for Mexican elected officials to pull a Chávez on Televisa and TV Azteca.

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And now the Supreme Court has ruled that provision unconstitutional.

Look for Reporters Without Borders to scream bloody murder and “hail” a phantom Eurocondemnation of the ruling as “anti-democratic.”

On which see also RCTV: (Who) Really Cares (About) Television (in) Venezuela?

México, 31 de mayo.- La Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación (SCJN) invalidó la renovación en automático de las concesiones de Radio y Televisión sin necesidad de licitación, como lo disponían las reformas hechas a las llamadas “leyes de medios”.

Mexico’s Supreme Court invalidate the automatic renewal of radio and TV concessions without an application process, a provided in the so-called “media laws.”

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The RCTV Aftermath, Brooklyn-Style: “Socialist Hordes Bork Trash TV!”

The image “https://i2.wp.com/www.eldiariony.com/mediakit/images/portada_somos_big.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

El Diario/LA PRENSA OnLine (New York City): I saw this on the cover of the Spanish-language daily down at the bodega across the street here in Brooklyn — Jamaican toasting and Juan Luis Guerra duel for control of the sound system as Juan makes me my customary ham egg ‘n’ cheese on a toasted bagel — but had difficulty finding it on the Web site.

Headline: “The new moralists of Latin America.”

NUEVA YORK — El presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa, criticó el concurso Miss Universo al señalar que los certámenes de belleza fomentan los “antivalores” e instó a las mujeres a “reclamar” por la utilización del cuerpo en las exhibiciones de esos eventos.

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, criticized the Miss Universe pageant, saying that beauty pageants promote “antivalues” and called on women to “complain” over the exploitation of the female body in exhibitions at such events.

The chief moralizing socialist in Brazil, by the way, is probably PT dissident Heloisa Helena of the PSOL, who polled some 9% of the vote in the last election.

My mother-in-law voted for the no-makeup, T-shirt-and-jeans Alagoan finger-wagger, who does have a certain charm, I find — and a certain fondness for agitprop I find a little unsettling, I should also say.

A PSOL YouTuber, whose channel I subscribe to, happens to be one of the most diligent collectors of Netroots videotorial on this theme that I know of.

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El mandatario latinoamericano se expresó así en su programa radial del sábado 26 de mayo, en la antesala de una agitada semana marcada por temas aparentemente tan disímiles como Miss Universo y el cierre de la estación privada de televisión Radio Caracas Televisión, (RCTV), por parte del presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, y su reemplazo por un canal estatal llamado Televisora Venezolana Social (TVes) con programación que incluye documentales sobre el Ché Guevara, especiales sobre viajes a La Habana y espacios que enseñarán cómo cocinar con productos indígenas y autóctonos como insectos.

The Latin American chief executive expressed this view on his May 26 radio program, anticipating a hectic week that featured such apparently dissimilar contoversies as the Miss Universe pageant and the closing of RCTV by Hugo Chávez, which has been replaced by TVes (Venezuelan Social Broadcasting), with programming that includes documentaries on Che Guevara, specials on travel to Havana and programs on how to cook with indigenous ingredients such as insects.

Insects? How revolting!

RCTV was not closed, by the way.

It can continue to broadcast on cable and satellite — DirecTV, if I am not mistaken — but not on the open airwaves.

La polémica decisión de Chávez de poner fin de las transmisiones del canal más antiguo de su país ha ocupado los titulares de prensa en los últimos días y ha despertado apoyos y críticas a nivel mundial

The controversial decision to end transmissions by the oldest channel in the country has made headlines in recent days and awakened both support and criticisms around the world.

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T. Rowe Likes Nice Dow Price!

As Chairman “Family Values” Murdoch takes control of his million-megawatt megaphone, does Fox even bother to trot out the pro forma disclosure that standards and practices demand: that Fox News is a subsidiary of News Corp? At about 06:00 or 06:15, Cavuto says in passing, “I should disclose that I am working on setting up a business channel for you.”

Dow Jones investor urges group sale (Financial Times):

Brian Rogers, the chairman and chief investment officer of T. Rowe Price, told the Financial Times: “There might be other buyers more palatable to them. But who’s to say Rupert Murdoch is all that bad?

This Wall $t Journal subscriber — I use the editorial pages and the output of the Latin American desk to line the cat box — for one.

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“The offer to purchase Dow Jones at $60 in our view represents a fairly attractive transaction price…I find it hard to believe the company itself has a plan to get the shares to $60,” he said. The offer represented a 67 per cent premium.

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Colombia: Names Named in COINTELPROgotá Affair

Did Uribe’s national police Gonzalez his political opponents?

94 personas entre periodistas, congresistas, abogados y funcionarios aparecen entre interceptados (El Tiempo): 94 persons, among them journalists, congressmembers, lawyers and public employees, were bugged in an illegal wiretapping case that toppled the leadership of the National Police.

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En la lista figuran periodistas como Natalia Springer, Claudia Gurisatti, Lina Maria Correa, Julio Sánchez Cristo, Lewis Acuña y Ricardo Calderón, reveló el Fiscal Mario Iguarán.

Included on the list are journalists such as Natalia Springer, Claudia Gurisatti, Lina Maria Correa, Julio Sánchez Cristo, Lewis Acuña and Ricardo Calderón, revealed magistrate Mario Iguarán.

El Fiscal confirmó hoy que la Policía Nacional entregó una carpeta electrónica en la que aparecen registradas los 94 nombres de los interceptados.

The Fiscal confirmed today that the National Police has turned in an electronic file in which the names of 94 intercept targets are listed.

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Tupi Takes His Own Second Life!

The NMMist, carrying a torch, visits Globo’s G1 news portal inside Second Life. No one home, perhaps because heaven is a place where nothing every happens. Some guy is yelling, “Hey, who wants a job?” Why bother? I am immortal and have found a source for free military-grade assault weapons The NMMist has recently morphed into a heavily armed, naked, bearded circus fat lady. Carrying a torch.

Second Life não é lá nenhuma Brastemp | Repórter Net: “Second Life is no Wal-Mart.”

See also NMM(-TV)SNBCNNBS: Brazil’s Rede Globo on Second Life.

Recentes dados sobre o Second Life revelam que ele não é assim nenhuma Brastemp virtual. Atualmente, o game (dizem que não é um game, mas é) tem cerca de 6,2 milhões de internautas registrados.

Recent data on Second Life reveals that it is not exactly a virtual Brastemp [retailer on the same scale as, say, Wal-Mart]. Currently, the game (they say it’s not a game, but it is) has nearly 6.2 million Internauts registered.

Só que nos últimos 60 dias, somente 1,5 milhão deles passaram por lá, assim mesmo por poucos minutos.

But in the last 60 days, only 1.5 million of them have visited the virtual realm, even if for only a few minutes.

Eu mesmo estive fuçando suas atrações neste último fim de semana. Fui até à loja da Dell, na tentativa de configurar e comprar um novo PC.

I myself was sniffing around its attractions last weekend. I went to the Dell shop in an attempt to configure and buy a new PC.

Não foi difícil achar o local. Quase impossível foi criar a configuração do computador que eu queria.

It was not hard to find the place. What was nearly impossible to do was to configure the computer I wanted.

Trata-se de uma tarefa complicadíssima, só mesmo para experts em ferramentas de 3D. Devo ter feito alguma grande besteira porque me baniram de lá.

It is an extremely complicated task, for experts in 3D tools only. I must have done something incredibly stupid because they wound up banning me from the place.

Bem, o que realmente acontece é que o Second Life está sendo endeusado pela grande mídia e se transformando em uma ferramenta para especuladores e vendedores de realidades virtuais fazerem fortunas.

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