Brazil: Magalhães, The Father of Magalhães, Succeeds Magalhães

See “Brand the Crisis:” The Gospel According to Toninho Malvadezas for notes.

O empresário e suplente de senador Antonio Carlos Magalhães Júnior tomou posse, agora à tarde, na vaga deixada pelo pai, o senador Antonio Carlos Magalhães (DEM BA), que morreu no último dia 20. Na cerimônia, presidida pelo senador Renan Calheiros Magalhães apenas leu o termo de posse.

Businessman and Senate alternate Antônio Carlos Magalhães Jr. took the oath of office [yesterday] afternoon, assuming the seat vacated by his father, ACM, who died on July 20. In the ceremony, presdided over by Sen. Renan Calheiros, Junior merely recited the oath [and made no inaugural remarks].

Source: CidadeBiz.

Calheiros is the Senate president from Alagoas who was “outed” by Veja magazine this week for allegedly controlling two radio concessions through “cutouts” or “fronts.” We were all shocked! shocked! See Brazil: Veja Mud-Wrestles the Sex Senator!

Globo franchise TV Bahia is controlled by the Magalhães clan — the late senator’s wife is the station’s general manager. It tends to practice gabbling banana-republican propaganda and call it modern journalism. See, for example, O Jornal Nacional (Brazil) x O Jornalismo: A Case Study, in which Globo’s nightly national newscast declares some TV Bahia reporting fit for human consumption without boiling it. Astonishing gaffe in that case: Globo mistranscribes the segment it aired. Substantially.

Magalhães, as you know, was Minister of Communications under President Sarney [whose family effectively controls radio, TV and newspapers in Maranhão, including the Globo retransmitter] and handed out concessions like Party favors just before the ratification of the Constitution of 1988, which outlawed the control of public broadcast concessions by public officials. On the theory that allowing it would be undemocratic. Not a bad theory, that.

The Magalhães faction — the recently rebranded DEMocrats —  in the Senate has filed formal charges against Calheiros over these Veja-reported allegations. The hypocrisy of which is simply staggering, of course — quite apart from Calheiros’ own alleged ethical impairments and any eventual success or failure in clarifying them in a transparent manner that inspires confidence in the efficacy of justice.

Alberto Dines, founder and editor of the Observátorio da Imprensa, leads a project called PROJUR that advocates borking every single one of these skeevy concessions all at once, rather than selectively and piecemeal in a climate of ladrão chamando ladrão de ladrão (“thieves calling thieves thieves”]. Which actually seems quite sensible.

O mandato de ACM Júnior – ele adotará o nome parlamentar de Antonio Carlos Junior – irá até 31 de janeiro de 2011.

The term to be served by ACM Junior — he is adopting the legislative nickname of Antônio Carlos Junior — will run until January 31, 2001.

Como suplente do pai, que foi envolvido em denúncias de violação do painel eletrônico no Senado e renunciou ao cargo para não ser cassado, Antonio Carlos Magalhães Júnior, de 53 anos, exerceu mandato de senador de 2001 até 2003.

As the alternate for his father, who was implicated in charges that he hacked the electronic voting panel in the Senate and resigned his seat in order to avoid impeachment, ACM Jr., 53, served as a Senator from 2001 to 2003.

O novo senador é pai do deputado federal Antonio Carlos Magalhães Neto (DEM BA).

The new Senator is the father of federal deputy Antônio Carlos Magalhães III.

ACM III is what passes for a groovy Net libertarian in the Brazilian political ruling class (hereditary promiscuous public-private partnership and parapolitical division).

The late Senator’s eldest son, a federal lawmaker with presidential ambitions, died of a cocaine overdose. The local airport is named after him, and his heart is buried under a monument in Salvador with an eternal military police honor guard.

Our cabdriver out to the airport during our last trip to Salvador [se você quiser amar / se você quiser amor … ] recounted this legend with great panache and humor.


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