Rio: Bicho Bribe Lawyer Back in Jail!

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Vintage roleta with bichos. Source: Musem of the Policia Civil, Rio de Janeiro

The folklore of corruption is good business — for the corrupt. –Elio Gaspari

Chefe da polícia pelo telefone mandou avisar
Que na Carioca havia uma roleta para se jogar …

Operação Furacão: STF revoga liberdade de advogado (G1, Brazil). “Supreme Court revokes release of Operation Hurricane suspect.”

Operation Hurricane is a federal police operation that arrested the top 3 bicheiros — organized crime bosses whose diversified activities are founded on illegal numbers racketeering — in Rio de Janeiro.

For buying judges with the help of cops.

Senior judges.

Jurisprudential eminences.

If you tend to think of Brazilian anticorruption efforts in terms of political corruption, you are missing the story of the century down here.

Because inasmuch as political corruption and judicial corruption and police corruption and business corruption all tends to flow from where the dirty money is concentrated, the busting of the Rio bicheiros — and similar racketeers elsewhere in Brazil — is momentous.

Imagine if every city in America had an Al Capone, and that instead of getting busted in the 1930s, those Capone organizations continued to grow, thrive and diversify into the 21st century. That, I think you can safely say without too much exaggeration, is the jogo do bicho.

A story I read in the Los Angeles Times actually mocked and minimized these operations while trying to keep the focus on the current government by dubbing Lula “The Teflon President” — a reference to New York’s own John “The Teflon Don” Gotti.

Which just goes to show you how much those gabbling, Moonie journalistic hitmen know.

Because, look: bicheiros own journalists. And their bosses. Period. I believe the only reason we do not have more cases of this on the public record to contemplate is because, well, news organizations whose journalists are owned by the mafia tend not to report the fact. Duh.

Those journalists have foreign correspondent friends.

As a result, readers of major American newspapers get fed a slant on foreign news that is bought and paid for by sociopathic mafiosos. I really do think it is a simple as that. You just watch what happens in the next couple of years. I bet you a free beer.

This suspect was the brother of a high-ranking judge alleged to have brokered the purchase of verdicts that would allow illegal bingos — gambling houses with bingo games and slot machines — to operate until interminable litigation finally ground to a conclusion.

A Primeira Turma do Supremo Tribunal Federal cassou nesta terça-feira (11) a liminar concedida em junho pelo ministro Marco Aurélio Mello que tinha possibilitado a soltura do advogado Virgílio Medina.

The First Chamber of the Supreme Court today [September 11] overturned the order issued by Justice Marco Aurélio Mello which made it possible to release attorney Virgílio Medina.

Virgílio é acusado de negociar propina para o irmão – o ministro afastado do Superior Tribunal de Justiça Paulo Medina- para que liberasse máquinas caça-níqueis apreendidas.

Medina is accused of negotiating a bribe for his brother — the suspended justice of the federal appeals court, Paulo Medina — in return for releasing slot machines seized by the authorities.

Mello is also the president of the Federal Elections Tribunal, which is an extremely interesting institution in its own right.

He is the first cousin of impeached ex-President Collor de Mello, who named him to the Supreme Court.

Marco Aurélio Mello havia concedido liminar mandando libertar 20 pessoas que estavam presas por ligação nas investigações realizadas pela Operação Furacão. Mello havia entendido não ser necessária a prisão dos acusados ainda sem condenação da Justiça.

Mello had granted an order releasing 20 persons detained over their involvement in matters related to Hurricane. He had ruled that it was not necessary to keep the accused behind bars prior to their being found guilty in a court of law.

No julgamento desta terça, a Primeira Turma decidiu aplicar a Súmula 691, segundo a qual não cabe ao tribunal examinar habeas corpus que tenha tido liminar indeferida por decisão de ministro de tribunais superiores.

In this Tuesday’s hearing, the First Chamber decided to apply Rule 691, according to which a court is not competent to review a habeas corpus petition which has been turned down by a higher court.

Com a decisão, o advogado Virgílio Medina pode ser preso novamente. A decisão abre caminho para que as liminares concedidas por Marco Aurélio Mello a outros 19 acusados também sejam cassadas.

With this decision, Medina can be re-arrested, and opens the way for Mello’s release order for the other 19 suspects to be overturned.


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