Sex Senators and Killer Cops: The Week in Latin American Media Zeitgeist

Posted to Daily Motion:

At the impeachment hearing of the “sex Senator” — a prominent Brazilian lawmaker involved in some sort of murky sexual blackmail scandal fueled by shrieking tabloid nonsense — hysterical virgins from the lower house of Congress assault security guards on live TV. The corrido of Felipe Calderón. Tupi student news. The Paraguayan pirate preview of “The Trooper Elite,” a semiautobiographical feature film about corruption and Clockwork Orange ultraviolence among Rio SWAT cops.

Program notes:

On Jungmann, the hysterical lawmaker and former cabinet minister seen assaulting guards and then calling for the aggressors to be punished, see also

On the piracy of “The Trooper Elite,” see also

I was just too lazy to subtitle that student news production shown briefly there, but the student-written report on how the Calheiros case plays in Alagoas is actually really interesting. I believe the children are the future …

But why is the young man standing in front of a map of North America? Most of the news takes place in the Southern Hemisphere, where the toilets swirl the other way and the midwinter revels come in July.


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