Brazil: Media “0wnersh1p”

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The Web site of the SBT network (Brazil) — the Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão — the media empire of the flamboyant Silvio Santos, gets 0wned by #The Elite Team. The Estado de S. Paulo reports it.

They write

Enough I can’t stand it anymore and I don’t believe it! My whole life, since I was a kid up to the present day, was filled with noise, a “soundtrack” whose “incidental music” was always the same. Corruption active and passive, misuse of public funds, illegal self-enrichment, sending money to Swiss bank, contempt for the interests and the needs of the people, confiscation of private wealth, growing violence, and all this shameful stuff we are seeing now. This has been dragging on for ages and nothing changes. Somebody, for the love of God! Can you manage to convince me it is not so?

Signed by Lady_Lara.

The message displays much of the same diffuse, objectless “folklore of corruption” as Cansei. I bet you they are connected.


0wned: A computing facility that has been entirely compromised, usually in terms of integrity, due to 31337 activities. If you don’t believe you’re 0wned yet, here, let me post your credit report and recent pr0n rentals, after I turn your phones off. –Urban Dictionary

31337 :Stands for Eleet. This is the original form of pointing out one’s greatness from any standpoint, beit athletic skills, academics, or even hacking or cracking processes. It was coined by a cdc group when they listened on a port :31337 and pointed out the Eleet-31337ness of their exploits. Dude you’re true 31337. –Ibid.

Also from the Urban Dictionary, a definition of “the elite team.”

A group of wannabe “1337 haxors” who are “organized like a team, hacking like a family”. Possibly the lamest group on the internet. In reality, they couldnt hack their way out of a paper bag. Should be shot on sight to save the gene pool from their utter dickish-ness. “Did you see how someone hacked the ** ***** club website?””yeah, ‘elite top team’, what wankers. They hacked a site with absolutly no security and completly useless to the rest of the world”

Author unknown.

This actually happened to me once.

I had a domain and hosting service and was playing around, cluelessly, at being a Webmaster. Learn by doing and all that sort of thing.

So I threw up some funky PHP-based portal software and starting messing around with it.

A bunch of Turkish h4x0rs came along and made oddly-spelled triumphant noises about 0wning my page.

Come on, I said: this is like stealing candy from a baby!

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Lady_Lara 0wns a news item from the city council of Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro


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