Fujimori: “Interpol is Bringing Him”

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“Extradition is underway.”

Wikipedia has not yet caught up to the event.

A Fujimori se credita ter logrado restaurar a estabilidade macroeconômica do Peru e restaurar a paz e seguridade interna depois do colapso durante os últimos anos da presidência de Alan García, no final da década de 1980. Entretanto, foi criticado fortemente por seu particular estilo de governo, sendo qualificado como autoritário, em especial depois do chamado “Autogolpe de 1992”.

Fujimori is credited with successfully restoring macroeconomic stability to Peru, along with peace and internal security after its collapse during the final years of the Garcia presidency in the late 1980s. However, he has been strongly criticized for his particular style of governing …

For “strongly criticized for” read “indicted for crimes against humanity on account of.”

Full disclosure on author of the Fujimori article: It was apparently written by God:

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User page for Fujimori entry author: “I am the Alpha and the Omega”

For similar David Sasaki-style quacking, see also

Risk-management takeaway: It must really, really suck to be Peruvian. Be good, or you may get reincarnated as a fisherman in Pisco.


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