São Paulo: “PCC Planned New Offensive”

A year ago, in the aftermath of the PM-PCC Wars, a TV Globo news team is kidnapped, and Globo airs a statement from the kidnappers to secure their release. I have subtitled this somewhere but cannot find it at the moment.

PCC preparava nova onda de ataques em SP, diz PF (Estado de S. Paulo): The PCC criminal faction was preparing a new wave of attacks in the region, says federal police.

SÃO PAULO – A apreensão, nesta sexta-feira, de armamentos e drogas que seriam repassados ao Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC), revela que a facção criminosa estava preparando uma nova onda de ataques, que previa inclusive a derrubada de um helicóptero Águia, da Polícia Militar, na região de Ribeirão Preto. A informação foi repassada pela Polícia Federal, que teria rastreado ordens saídas de cadeias onde estão os principais líderes do PCC.

The seizure on Friday of weapons and drugs that were allegedly to be passed on to the First Commando of the Capital (PCC) reveals that the criminal faction was preparing a new wave of attacks in which it planned to shoot down a military police Águia [“eagle”] helicopter in the Ribeirão Preto area. The information is from the federal police, which says it intercepted orders coming out of the prisons where the PCC leadership is incarcerated.

And how did you get this information?

Oh, okay, it has been officialy announced.

The DPF press release is actually more informative than the rewriting of it here.

We learn that the drugs and guns flew in from Paraguay, for example.

There was a press conference yesterday at 2:30 pm.

Given which, you would think that reporters could have gotten some PF spokesperson quoted on the record by today’s edition.

I bring this up because the “leaky police” has become a serious issue of late — often because operational security issues are at stake.

A TV Globo Rio reporter, for example, was arrested late last year for passing along confidential information he gathered as a reporter — that is, under the deal that reporters have with confidential sources — to freaking gambling mobsters. In exchange for a monthly stipend. From the mafia.

It is becoming more and more frequent to hear the PCC characterized as “a Marxist criminal organization.” See also

The next municipal election, therefore, is likely to be dominated by a media tactic as old as the Pompeiian grafitti: “The narcotraffic wants you to vote against the Coalition for Decency.”

Remember the satirical political endorsement archaeologists found in the ruins of the city buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius:

“The bums who sleep in the park support Marcellus for mayor”

The ex-blog of Cesar Maia made this point very explicitly last week, for example,  in calling for the impeachment of the sitting president for association with “narcoguerrillas.”

Brazilian diplomats offered Brazilian territory as a neutral site for meetings between FARC and Chávez on bringing an end to the squatting of the hard men in the jungle after all these decades.

The more it seems that Maia — whose son is the floor leader of Maia’s party in the national congress — might get caught up in the fact that he signed a contract with an organization controlled by mafiosos — LIESA — the more he gabbles in this vein.


We used to call him “The Naked” Maia. We may have to invent a new nickname referring to the Hindu principle of illusion.  “Chairman” Maia might cover that angle just as well, however.

Uma operação em conjunto realizada pela PF, a Polícia Militar e a Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB) culminou na apreensão de 431,6 quilos de cocaína e armamentos pesados. Entre estes armamentos, estão itens de uso exclusivo do Exército: sete buster TNT, 15 petardos, oito granadas, três fuzis calibre 7,62 milímetros, uma metralhadora, um lançador de granadas, duas pistolas 9 milímetros, um lançador de foguetes, uma lata com explosivos. A polícia também apreendeu três carros (um A3, um Uno e um Gol), duas motos e R$ 7,4 mil em dinheiro

A joint operation of the federal police, the military police and the Brazilian air force culminated in the seizure of 431.6 kilos of cocaine, as well as heavy weapons. Among those weapons are items reserved for military use: 7 TNT “busters” [?], 15 mines, 8 grenades, three 7.62mm assault rifles, a machine gun, a grenade launcher, two 9mm pistols, a rocket-launcher, a can containing explosives. The police also seized three cars (an A3, an Uno and a Gol), two motorcycles, and R$7,400 in cash.

Segundo a PF, o trabalho de investigação durou cerca de quatro meses. O armamento e a droga seriam divididos com a região de Ribeirão e depois seriam distribuídos em São Paulo. As drogas e as armas teriam chegado à região por meio de avião. Dois homens foram presos – o líder da quadrilha foi detido numa rodovia e o outro numa favela de Ribeirão Preto. A droga foi encontrada numa plantação de cana perto de Pradópolis.

The PF says the investigation took nearly four months. The weapons and drugs were to be shared out in the Ribeirão area and later distributed in São Paulo. The drugs and weapons reportedly came in by air. Two men were arrested — the leader of the gang was arrested in a bus station and another in Ribeirão Preto shantytown. The drugs were found on a sugar-cane plantation near Pradópolis.

The military involvement was presumably because of the weapons involved. I am guessing.

The degree to which the military can take part in law enforcement activities is a hotly debated point, and while current military leadership have made their commitment to the constitutional role of the institution very clear recently, some of their subordinates object.

Which I always find kind of astonishing.

(And Globo is their Messenger.)

The military has jurisdiction over its own armories, naturally, and there have been indications here and there that BFGs (big freaking guns) paid for by the taxes of my Brazilian friends, neighbors and relatives might be, ahem, falling off the backs of trucks.

The Belgian FAL 7.62, for example, is an expensive piece of hardware.

Put a man earning $300 a month in charge of a warehouse full of expensive BFGs.

Predict the outcome.

Stay tuned.

Hopefully people will get arrested and prison security investigated in the next phase.

Because nobody here wants a repeat of May 2006. I have not done the requisite polling — but then again, Larry Rohter never bothered to, either. But I still bet you that is the case.

I sure don’t. And you probably wouldn’t either.


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