Soberanes of the CNDH is Shocked! Shocked!

Ernestina: dying declaration minimized and discounted by Mexico’s women’s rights representative to the UN. Source: La Jornada.

RICK: How can you close me down? On what grounds?
RENAULT:  I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here.
CROUPIER: Your winnings, sir.
RENAULT: Oh, thank you very much.

Castigar a militares violadores de derechos, exige CNDH a Calderón: The national human rights ombudsman of Mexico, José Luis Soberanes Fernández, is urging the federal president to crack down hard on human rights violations by the Mexican military, La Jornada (Mexico City) reports.

Which constitutes something of an astonishing about-face, in light of the Ernestina Ascencio case — the alleged rape and murder of an elderly Nahuatl woman in rural Veracruz by Mexican soldiers.

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The Army had issued a statement — Bulletin No. 19 — in which it affirmed that the woman that the woman had been gang-raped, said it had biologicial material it was testing in order to rule out its own troops, and declared that criminals disguised as soldiers had done the deed.

It later denied that version, and dispatched military personnel to police up copies of Bulletin No. 19 from those who had received it — replacing with a new version of Bulletin No. 19, with the same date and different information. See

President Calderón backed the military’s new version of the story — and Soberanes backed Calderón. Local observers tended to conclude from this that the Army owns Calderón. Not a completely baseless hypothesis.

In the end, a second autopsy by the CNDH found that the woman had not been raped. In the meantime, all the original medical examiners were fired. And more. Now the CNDH is shocked! shocked! to discover human rights violations by the Mexican military

El ombudsman nacional, José Luis Soberanes Fernández, urgió ayer al presidente Felipe Calderón a que se pronuncie y tome las medidas correspondientes ante la gravedad de las violaciones a derechos humanos cometidas por más de 78 militares contra civiles, que van desde ultrajes a 16 mujeres, tortura y detenciones arbitrarias hasta asesinatos.

The Mexican national human rights ombudsman, Soberanes, yesterday urged President Calderón to state a position and take the appropriate measures againt serious violations of human rights committed by more the 78 soldiers against civilians, ranging from the rape of 16 women, torture, arbitrary detentions and even murders.

El titular de la Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos (CNDH) dijo esperar “que el Ejecutivo asuma su responsabilidad y ordene el castigo para los militares involucrados”. Reveló que “en el caso de las 14 mujeres violadas en Castaños, Coahuila, participó un general, y en el asesinato de una familia en Sinaloa está involucrado un coronel”.

The head of the national human rights commission says he hopes “that the Executive will assume its responsibilities and order the punishment of the soldiers involved.” He revealed that “in the case of the 14 women raped in Castaños, Coahuila, a general took part, and in the murder of a family of Sinaloa, a colonel was involved.

Advirtió que el uso de las fuerzas armadas en tareas de seguridad pública puede resultar contraproducente, “como demuestran los hechos violatorios de las garantías corroborados por la CNDH”. Asimismo, dijo que “es hora de que el gobierno genere un plan para regresar a los militares a los cuarteles y se deje de exponerlos en misiones para las que no están preparados y que no son de su competencia estricta. Será por el bien de los derechos humanos y del Ejército”.

He warned that the use of the armed forces for public security tasks could prove counterproductive, “as shown by the rights violations corroborated by the CNDH.” He went on to say that “it is time for the government to come up with a plan to return the military to its barracks and stop exposing it to missions for which it is not trained and not within its area of competence. This will benefit both human rights and the Army.”

Soberanes, it seems to me, is an amorphous man without qualities. Comically so, if it were not for the grotesque and appalling nature of the facts he is responsible for gabbling about so that the international community will continue to support a government that stole the elections — but which, as Alan Greenspan recently said, “saved Mexico from a dangerous populist.”

Greenspan — who was the featured interview in last week’s Veja magazine down here in Brazil — said that.

Even as the Mexican congress was borking an elections commission that was complicit with that election fraud.  See also

At the same time, feature stories designed to rehabilitate the literary reputation of Greenspan mentor Ayn Rand spring up all over.

Ayn Rand was, of course, a quacking charlatan and chain-smoking agitprop artist: Rand Panned.

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