NMM(-TV)SNB(B)CNN(P)BS: Globo Reality-Tests Tropa de Elite!

NMM(-TV)SNB(B)CNN(P)BS: Globo Reality-Tests Tropa de Elite!: a follow-up to

I find the editorial about-face by Globo’s Fantástico news magazine in this case astonishing. A reliable purveyor of the most sensationalist kind of “anyone who questions the integrity of our brave men is a Communist” law-enforcement journalism, Fantástico here offers a sober, thorough challenge to the verisimilitude of a film being distributed by an infotaintment corporation which enjoys an exclusive contract with a rival network. Será?

On which more later. The NMMist has things to do in South American urban meatspace today.

Gloria Maria of TV Globo’s Fantástico: “The Interahamwe want to barbecue your forcibly aborted Christian babies! The Army should come out of the barracks and purify the nation!”

On that point about Mission Impossible III, I cite The Anti-Globo Dossier citing the Folha de S. Paulo:

Em entrevista com Tom Cruise, a Globo não fez a divulgação do filme “Missão : Impossível III”, como em qualquer entrevista com “hollywoodianos”. Ela colocou uma mancha em cima do logotipo do filme por causa do contrato que a Paramount tem com o SBT e fez pouco caso da estréia do filme nos cinemas. Deu foco ao nascimento de sua filha com a atriz Katie Holmes.

In an interview with Tom Cruise, Globo did not mention his latest film, Mission Impossible III, as is the normal practice in Hollywood interviews. It blacked out the logo for the movie on the screen because of the contract Paramount has with [the rival] SBT network, and downplayed the theatrical release of the film, focusing instead on the birth of his daughter with actress Katie Holmes.

On Fantástico‘s cumulative reputation as a critical reporter on the doings of BOPE, I ask you to consider the following:

Globo has an exclusive contract with LIESA to broadcast Rio Carnaval.

If police investigations pan out, LIESA is by way of being a racketeering-influenced and corrupt organization.

Therefore, Globo has a reputational risk to overcome: That it apparently does business with racketeering-influenced and corrupt organizations in Rio de Janeiro. See also

Which would sort of make it part of the problem rather than part of the solution, one might be tempted to think.

More charitable interpretation: The fact that the Ron Burgundy-like Teleprompter monkeys of Fantástico have suddenly developed a knack for consulting multiple sources and dealing in the complexities and ambiguities of public cases and controversies could represent the ascent of the responsible adults at Globo — who for my money are represented by whoever those folks are who are putting out the very readable and usable G1 news portal.

And more power to them, too.


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