Brazil: “Civita & Co. Launch Business Channel”

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New newsstand product from the Editoral Abril: stealing the thunder of the reputable Colombian newsweekly by the same name? “Objective: reveal the essence of the facts in short, direct articles. Innovative: An intelligent selection of the most important events of the week in Brazil and the world. Comprehensive: The greatest possible diversity of topics: more than 150 per week, selected by Abril’s editorial team.” Sounds an awful lot like Superinteressante, actually. Cover stories this week: buzz on the Tropa de Elite premiere and the phony communist indoctrination textbook scandal — exactly like its competitors.

The Gazeta Mercantil (Brazil) notes:

O Grupo Abril investe em nicho popular na Europa e Estados Unidos e estréia dia 1 de outubro o Canal Ideal, com programação direcionada ao mundo dos negócios. “É um canal de gestão de carreira, voltado para profissionais que estão no mercado de trabalho, buscam ser bons executivos e querem saber qual o próximo passo deve ser dado”, diz a diretora de programação, Maria Tereza Gomes.

The Grupo Abril, investing in a niche market that is popular in Europe and the United States, will debut Canal Ideal on October 1, with programming aimed at the business world. “It is a channel about career management, targeted at professionals in the labor market who want to be good executives and know what the next step to take is,” said program director Maria Tereza Gomes.

See also

Voltado ao público de 25 a 45 anos, das classes AA e B , o Ideal insere-se no segmento de “business television”, nicho televisivo que está se tornando popular na Europa e nos EUA. O reality show “O Aprendiz”, apresentado pelo publicitário por Roberto Justus na Rede Record, inaugurou o segmento no Brasil. O Ideal poderá ser assistido pelo canal 70 na TVA, e a audiência estimada para o lançamento é de 1,2 milhão de pessoas. A grade de programação terá 18 programas de produção própria, o que representa 75% de programação nacional, além de programas comprados de produtoras nacionais e internacionais, como da BBC.

Directed at classes AA and B, ages 25-45, Ideal will occupy the “business television” niche, popular in Europe and the USA. The reality show “The Apprentice,” hosted by advertising executive Roberto Justus on the Record network, pioneered this sort of programming in Brazil. Ideal can be seen on TVA Channel 70, with an estimated audience of 1.2 million persons for its launch.

Myself, I tend to think of Bloomberg TV when I think of “business television.” Whose notion of “reality TV” does not include the production of docusoaps.

A campanha de divulgação do canal é da agência Loducca, com inserções em revistas do Grupo Abril, como Veja, Exame e Você s/a. Depois das estréias do Fiz TV e do Ideal, a Abril pretende lançar dois canais em 2008 e um em 2009.

The advertising campaign supporting the launch is being conducted by Loducca, with insertions in Abril Group magazines such as Veja, Exame and Você S/A (“You, Inc.”).

All of which are simply dreadful. And sort of redundant, too. I find it hard to understand how Abril can continue to create new titles in niches that seem to overlap one another almost completely — a phony diversity belied by the fact that all these magazines blat the exact same talking points.

Vivid example: the cross-marketing of the sex Senator’s hotsy-totsy, “journalist” Mônica Veloso, in Veja and Playboy Brasil.

Mônica reveals all!

After the debuts of Fiz TV and Ideal, Abril intends to launch two more channels in 2008 and 2009.

Does anyone actually subscribe to TVA? It does not even seem to be available in our neighborhood, where Globo’s NET, as far as I know, is the only option (aside from GatoNet and the insanely popular art of Cracolândia-based satellite hacking, that is).

Hard to tell: The little Web site widget in which you enter your CEP (the Tupi ZIP code) does not work.

It accepts your input and does not produce any output.

Which seems emblematic somehow.

Ecce Abril.

Speaking of which, we are still awaiting word on the so-called CPI of Abril-Telefônica. See also


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