Slumping While Getting Bolstered: Negative Dialectics at the Financial Times

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In given conditions, all contradictory aspects possess the character of non-identity and hence are described as being in contradiction. But they also possess the character of identity and hence are interconnected. This is what Lenin means when he says that dialectics studies “how opposites can be . . . identical”. How then can they be identical? Because each is the condition for the other’s existence. This is the first meaning of identity. –Mao Tse-Tung

The front page of the Financial Times at this hour features the following sidebars to its main story on a pending stock-exchange M&A deal. A deal of the kind the NMMist tracks when he is not monitoring newsflow on death squads and electronic zebu auctions:

I follow that deal with interest, but do not blog much about those sorts of things because that is work, and this here is just blogging.

I just wanted to note that the FT asserts two contradictory propositions at the same time about the effects of the deal dynamic on shares of the publicly-traded Nordic exchange operator and market machine-shop tech Big Digger:

  1. OMX slumps on deal expectation
  2.  Speculation over LSE stake sale bolsters OMX

OMX shares are going down!

At the same time, they are going up!

Black is white!

Identity is the same thing as non-identity!

As it turns out, OMX AB is trading above $41 on the Pink Sheets at the moment, a dollar off its historic high.

Who knows where it will go over the rest of the trading session?

I am sure that what we are probably seeing here is fresh news being displayed alongside stale news.

But still.

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