Borking IFE’s Ugalde: Renewed Debate on Mexican Elections

The latest NMM(-TV)SNB(B)CNN(P)BS posting to Dailymotion:

Some snippets from the rekindled debate on the issue of election fraud in the 2006 national elections in Mexico, stoked by the passage of elections reforms by the federal congress. Which agreed to (1) utterly bork the astonishingly untruthful and gabbling federal elections commisioners and (2) outlaw the purchase by private parties of political advertising from Mexico’s TV duopoly. Look, I do not necessarily support the policies of the candidate who allegedly lost here. I am not a Mexican. What do I know? But I am telling you, if that election was not as a phony as a $3 bill, the Mexican government has produced no credible evidence of it to date. And Dick Morris has admitted to working for the campaign of the “winner.”

On that Dick Morris factoid, see also

For more of Carmen Aristegui’s coverage on the subject, see also

On the thesis that the argument in defense of the legitimacy of those elections, presented here, is just the same old rhetorical misdirection and gabbling abuse of casuistry, reheated and remixed, see also

Perhaps the appeal to the “radical center” is a new element — both the “vote by voters” and the rumored El Yunque element inside PAN are extremists!

It’s the same sort of phony “fair and balanced” meme deployed with such piety by the likes of David “Fear and Misinformation Abound” of (Hearing) Global Voices Online.  See, for example,

But despite the appeal to Fox-style “fairness and balance,” the trotting out of the signed precinct reports is as bogus as ever.

Because the problem is that when you add up those precinct reports by hand, and compare them to (1) the PREP results as published, and (2) data on the number of voters who actually went to the polls, they do present the troubling discrepancies described.

And the modest proposal to recount all the votes, one by one, has been fought tooth and nail by the Calderonists, with the complicity of IFE and TRIFE.

IFE actually hired A.C. Nielsen & Co. to defend the integrity of the election by attacking the theoretical basis for the statistical observations made by Perl-hacking Mexican beancounters.

Am I the only person in the world who finds the hiring of a statistical survey firm from the entertainment industry to defend bad, literal-minded beancounting in the real world too damned ironic — and stupid — for words?

Opinion polls and audience metrics based on 60 Nielsen boxes installed in randomly selected middle-class homes are not definitive measures of what the public has decided it wants to do.

Counting every single, freaking jumping bean in the bin is, however.

The official opinion of this writer being, therefore, that the only way to resolve the issue definitively would be to count all the ballots again.

IFE’s proposal, also fought for tooth and nail: Burn the ballots.


These people are Moonies.

Introductory musical theme: Jackson do Pandeiro, “Secretário do Diabo.”

O diabo quando não vem
Manda o secretário
Eu não vou nessa canoa
Que eu não sou otário

When the Devil doesn’t come himself, he sends his secretary. But I am not getting on board that canoe, because I am no sucker.

Eu reconheço que ela é muito boa
Mas não vou nessa canoa
Que dá confusão
Quando ela passa
Provocando um desafio
Sinto logo um arrepio
No meu coração.
Não vou na onda
Nem no conto do vigário
O diabo quando não vem
Manda sempre um secretário.

It’s a very nice canoe, but I am not getting in it. It just causes problems when it passes by, stirring up a deadly duel, and I feel a chill in my heart. I am not going along with that — or with the vicar’s story, either. [Because] when the Devil doesn’t come himself, he always sends his secretary.


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