Peru: “Cecilia Valenzuela Is Impressed by Support For Fujimori!”

YouTube | Cecilia Valenzuela Impresionada al Apoyo del Peru a Fujimori:

Writes the poster:

La fanatica anti-fujimorista se queda con la boca abierta nunca penso que el pueblo peruano saliera en miles a proteger la libertad del presidente que trajo la paz cuando los terroristas asesinaban a miles de peruanos indefensos mientras ella se hacia millonaria reciviendo millones de las ongs pitucas

The fanatically anti-Fujimori journalist is slack-jawed I never thought the Peruvian people would come out in the thousands to protect the freedom of the president who brought peace when the terrorists were assassinating thousands of defenseless Peruvians while she became a millionaire getting millions from NGOs.

Valenzuela works for Frequencia Latina and hosts La Ventana Indiscreta, an investigative newsmagazine. “Famed for investigating the Peru Possible program, President Toledo and Eliane Karp.”

Karp — Mrs. President Toledo, and an academic anthropologist trained in Israel — face charges pending in an anticorruption court that she (1) embezzled earthquake relief funds and (2) wasted public money on an Imelda Marcos scale while redecorating the Peruvian White House. She has blasted the Peruvian “yellow press” for lynching her in the case.

Says there (on Wikipedia, mind you) that Valenzuela’s love life — she admitted to dating two opposition politicians, but says she voted for Alan Garcia anyway — was outed fairly recently on an interview show called The Sniper.

Peru seems to be a place where the TV news is just astonishingly, beyond Wolf Blitzeristically, bad. See


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