Rio: “The Police Will Sue Tropa de Elite Some More”

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BOPE spokesmen –”we kill to create a better world” — consistently describe any and all felony offenses as “atrocities,” among other astonishing rhetorical excesses.

If we want to change this reality once and for all, we need to accept the challenge without hesitation, and liberate, even if it is “by the sword,” the population from the clutches of crime, as we are doing in the Complexo do Alemão, liberating it from horror. If we wish to have a clean conscience, free of the vulgar regrets of those who hide behind seductive fallacies, such as those that camouflage ineptitude and incompetence, we must dare to be free, even as we weep at the pain of those who offer up their own flesh to the hot steel, as have the police who have fallen these last months, watering the soil with blood and honor so that the seeds of peace may be sown. The Alemão will be liberated. It belongs to Rio. It belongs to Brazil. –Lt. Col. Mário Sérgio de Brito Duarte, former commander of BOPE and currently in charge of strategic planning, he says, for Rio de Janeiro’s state department of public safety.

We need a communications policy and an ongoing dialogue with the mass media that will guarantee that the sense of risk is proportionate to the actual risk. –Rio de Janeiro mayor Cesar Maia, December 2006

Lula should be IMPEACHED for criminal association with a narco-guerrilla group, the FARC! Just look! El Tiempo reports that Brazil is offering to let Chávez and FARC negotiators meet on Brazilian soil! –Rio de Janeiro mayor Cesar Maia, September 20, 2007

Corregedor da PM do Rio critica o filme Tropa de Elite em blog: “The chief of Rio military police internal affairs criticizes the film Tropa de Elite on his blog.”

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The article referred to here is translated (draft-quality, as always) at

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This sort of thing continues to astonish me.

The elected government of Rio sets public policy.

People — heavily armed people — who get paid to execute that policy put up blogs and basically say that the policy is stupid — and crypto-Communist! and contrary to the Gospel According to Ayn Rand! — and they do not want to execute it. And that elected officials cannot fire them for insubordination because they do not have that right. We are the only worthy guarantors of the constitutional order!

Yikes. See also

O corregedor da PM do Rio, Paulo Ricardo Paúl, escreveu artigo fazendo críticas ao filme “Tropa de Elite” e ao livro que o inspirou, “Elite da Tropa”, escrito por Luis Eduardo Soares, André Batista e pelo ex-capitão Rodrigo Pimentel – por sinal, um dos roteiristas do filme.

The chief of the internal affairs office of the Rio military police, Paulo Ricardo Paúl, wrote an article criticizing the filme [“The Trooper Elite”] and the book that inspired it, written by Luis Eduardo Soares, André Batista and former BOPE captain Rodrigo Pimentel — the latter identified as one of the screenwriters on the film.

No artigo, publicado no Google Documents e acessível pelo blog Santa Bárbara e Rebouças, Paúl diz que vai entrar com uma ação judicial contra o filme.

In the article, published on Google Documents and accessible at the Web log Santa Bárbara e Rebouças, Paúl said he is going to file a lawsuit against the film.

“Eu não assisti ao filme e nunca o assistirei, portanto, não posso emitir um juízo de valor adequado, além da overdose midiática da qual fui vítima pelo marketing do filme, porém deixo claro que estarei me associando aos Oficiais do BOPE que entraram com uma ação contra a exibição do filme e que no âmbito da Corregedoria Interna, instauramos um Inquérito Policial Militar, avocando uma Averiguação do BOPE, para apurar até onde chegou a participação de integrantes do BOPE nas filmagens ou na produção do filme, diante das denúncias recebidas e considerando que o dinheiro público é de todos nós e não deve sustentar qualquer atividade comercial privada, que visa o lucro”, escreve em um dos trechos.

I did not watch the movie, nor will I, so I cannot issue an adequate value judgment, not to mention the media overdose I was subjected to by the marketing of the film, but I wish to make it clear that I will associate myself with the BOPE officers who sued to prevent it from being exhibited, and that in the internal affairs department we are initiating a military police inquest, based on a BOPE investigation, to see whether membes of BOPE took part in the filming or production of the movie, given charges that we have received and considering that public funds belong to everyone and should not be used for the benefit of a private, for-profit commercial enterprise,” he wrote at one point.


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