“Globo, Record Spar Over Rights to The Trooper Elite!”

Correction to a key line from the script, as subtitled above: The line actually reads, “In Rio, a policeman has a choice: Be corrupt, look the other way, or go to war.”

This is a key line. I had a brain fart. This is a blog. You get what you pay for. All translations are draft-quality unless I find time to go back and do the proper editing on them.

24 Horas News, Seu portal de notícias em Mato Grosso: Mato Grosso is possibly the most interesting media market in Brazil. It seems to have tons of these little Internet news operations and quaint, crusading local papers, mixing wire-service copy — which they will sometimes even rewrite to cut out bias and editorializing, I find — with local reporting.

(The “thick jungles” seem to be the incubator of Brazilian hyperlocalism. And it is interesting to watch. One of these days, unlike Diogo Mainardi, we are looking forward to visiting Cuiabá.)

One of which reports, gisting the wire-service story:

A TV Record entrou em contato com produtores do filme Tropa de Elite para iniciar negociações pelos direitos de transmissão da minissérie inspirada no filme, informou a colunista Mônica Bergamo, do jornal Folha de S. Paulo.

TV Record has contacted the producers of the film [“The Trooper Elite” — my rough translation] to start negotiations over rights to broadcast a miniseries inspired by the film, reports Mônica Bergamo of the Folha de S. Paulo.

A emissora quer os direitos exclusivos de exibição na TV, mas deve enfrentar uma batalha com a Globo, que também negocia com os produtores.

The broadcaster wants exclusive TV rights, but will have to battle Globo, who is also negotiating with the producers, for them.

Also out on the infotainment gossip wires today: The star of the film, Wagner Moura, is currently without a contract with Globo. It reportedly expired after his starring role in the prime-time soap “Tropical Paradise.” But then again, this is Page Six talking here. So boil before consuming.

A Record, porém, estaria disposta a oferecer três vezes mais do que a Globo.

Record, however, is said to be inclined to offer three times more than Globo for the rights.


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