The Record-Globo Wars: “Globo Is the Free, Democratic Choice of the Popular Masses!”

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Record volta a atacar Globo e compara “monopólio” ao câncer: “Record attacks Globo and calls the Globo ‘monopoly’ a ‘cancer.'”

The Folha de S. Paulo follows up today on

The Folha reproduces the entirety of Globo’s press release in response to the editorial run on last night’s TV Record evening newscast, but not the entire text of that editorial. It reads as follows:

“O público que assistiu hoje à noite à Rede Record foi desrespeitado pelo uso de suposto espaço jornalístico para a defesa de interesses particulares e inconfessáveis.

The audience that watched the Record network last night was disrespected by the use of a so-called journalistic space for the defense of private, unspeakable interests.

As denúncias ali apresentadas são calúnias requentadas; todas já desmoralizadas pela Justiça. Assim como são fantasiosas as alegadas articulações para coibir os negócios da Record.

The charges made there are warmed-over slander, all of them already belied by the courts.

Record charged that Globo used forged documents in its 1960 application for a TV license in Rio de Janeiro, and, as I heard it, that a court is currently looking into that case again.

It would be nice to have the entire text of the editorial, in order to be able to check what was actually said. But the Folha de S. Paulo apparently ran out of space on its Web site, and did not run it.

Similarly fantastic are our alleged behind-the-scenes maneuvers to stand in the way of Record’s business activities.

Never believe anything until Globo denies it.

My favorite example is shown above, in the video clip.

Globo asks a psychiatrist which is true: do genetics determine corrupt behavior, or does environment play a more important role?

Environment, most certainly, plays the preponderant role, the shrink replies.

The Globo narrator then bleats: “CORRUPT MEN ARE BORN, NOT MADE!”

Which is the exact opposite of what the guy just said.

Os poderes constituídos da República têm isenção e independência para agirem por livre iniciativa.

The constitutional authorities have the impartiality and independence to act of their own free will.

The Minister of Communications is a former Globo talking head turned Globo executive. There are cynics down here — does cynicism know no bounds? has it no shame, no sense of decorum? — who see a potential conflict of interest in that fact.

A TV Globo valoriza a concorrência porque ela reforça nossa filosofia de sempre aprimorar o nosso trabalho.

TV Globo welcomes the competition because it reinforces our philosophy of constantly striving to perfect our work.

The G1 news portal, it is true, represents an effort to produce quality journalism, and there are flashes of a new attitude in some of the not-ready-for-primetime news channels, like GloboNews and Jornal do Globo.

But TV Globo’s flagship news operations are just as gabbling disinformative as they ever were, especially when Ali Kamel starts scripting the entire network in lockstep.

Também, quanto maior é a competição, mais valiosos são os resultados de audiência, que evidenciam a ampla preferência do público pela nossa programação.

Also, the better the competition, the more valuable are the ratings, which indicate that the public prefers our programming by a wide margin.

Recently, for the first time, a single episode of a competing soap opera from Record, “Opposite Lives,” defeated the Globo prime-time soap opera, “Tropical Paradise,” though it did not manage to dethrone Globo over the entire run of the show.

Neste caso, estamos apenas acompanhando a interpretação da legislação para avaliar nossas opções no futuro.

In this case, we are merely considering interpretations of the legislation in order to evaluate our future options.

Esse ataque leviano não chega a ser surpreendente: é de se esperar que um grupo que lucra pela manipulação da fé religiosa queira também manipular a opinião pública, chamando de monopólio a escolha democrática dos brasileiros.”

This disingenous and absurd attack is not really surprising: It is to be expected from a group that earns money by manipulating religious faith just as it manipulates public opinion, branding the democratic choice of Brazilians as a “monopoly.”

Globo constantly says this: “We are the ratings champion because of the quality of our programming!”



Mexico’s federal elections tribunal seemed to have the same thing in mind when it hired A.C. Nieslen & Co. to defend the 2006 elections there from charges of massive electronic fraud in the vote tally.


See also:

I tend to find that proposition quackingly absurd.

I mean, I actually watch this stuff, day in and day out, you know.

Personally, I think that if you could cattle-prod all these fonts of gabbling nonsense, from Band and Rede-TV to SBT, into a virtuous cycle of squabbling over who measurably sucks the least, it would be a good thing for Lusophone couch potatos everywhere.

Including me.

As to the baiting of the Universal Church here, whose leaders own the network, maybe so — interesting question. Record is not overtly religious in its content, however, I find.

But also read Ali Kamel’s defense of Opus Dei sometime, in English as she is spoke.

It’s like watching one of those WWF Royal Rumble free-for-alls where you have shifting alliances and betrayals in the ring.

Suddenly, the Iron Sheik, who has been helping the Macho Man stomp the groaning Hulkster, sneaks up and bashes the Macho Man over the head with a folding chair!

The announcer is outraged!

And the crowd goes wild!


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