Brazil: “Disinformation Campaign in Globo-Record Death Struggle!”

GLOBO TENTOU IMPEDIR LULA NA RECORD, screams Paulo Henrique Amorim (Brazil).

Globo (alleges Amorim) plays dirty tricks to try to keep Lula from the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a rival news network!

Anonymous cowards — your standard “sources close to the matter” — botam a boca no trombone, and the Brazilian press eats it up with a spoon!

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The Folha de S. Paulo followed up on the same story in more detail, with more apparent balance, but also apparently inclined to promote the theory that the new 24-hour news channel — actually 18-hour, with 6 hours of archival programming in the wee hours — is illegal.

Um passarinho que veio de Brasília e pousou na minha janela contou que ontem, quinta-feira, por volta das 13h00, a Globo fez uma pressão violentissima, de última hora, sobre o Palácio do Planalto, para impedir que o Presidente Lula fosse à festa de lançamento da Record News.

A little birdie from Brasilia whispered in my ear that yesterday, around 3:00 pm, Globo brought violent pressure to bear at the last minute on the Presidency in a bid to prevent President Lula from attending the launch of Record News.

São Paulo governor Serra of the opposition PSDB — of whom Amorim is pointedly not fond — was also in attendance, by the way.

Stories sourced to “little birds” tend to rub me the wrong way, as you know. But the Folha committed the same journalistic sin of promoting gossip, writing

As it has not yet received a formal representation on the matter, the Ministry of Communications is avoided taking an official position. In the undergound chambers of the ministry, however, it is being said that, in fact, Lula may have lent his prestige to the inauguration of an illegal venture.

Gabba gabba hey!

Wake me when someone whose opinion matters — someone with decision-making power, for example — goes on the record with something stronger than a “maybe.”

O Presidente Lula recebeu uma informação com detalhes técnicos minuciosos, que continha o argumento de que a lei impede uma rede de ter dois canais na mesma área.

Lula got a report in minute technical detail defending the argument that the law prevents one network from having two channels in the same area.

Os argumentos eram técnicos – e falsos.

The arguments were technical in nature — and false.

A lei impede que uma rede tenha dois canais com a MESMA programação.

The law prevents one network from having two channels with the SAME PROGRAMMING.

Is that so? Could be.

Discussions of the issue tend to be murky.

Normally, what you have in such cases is the different networks trotting out “distinguished legal scholars” to pronounce on such issues without telling you that their law firms happen represent one of the interested parties.

Also known as the John Palfrey-Ronaldo Lemos gambit. Expect to see that used here, and see also

In any event, boil before consuming.

A Bandeirantes tem dois canais em São Paulo, com programações DIFERENTES.

Bandeirantes has two channels in São Paulo, with DIFFERENT PROGRAMMING.

TV Band, featuring the bald Boechat as its news anchor, and the youth-oriented PlayTV — a bid to compete with Abril’s MTV — it’s true.

A Record enviou rapidamente um dossiê ao gabinete de Presidente Lula.

Record quickly sent Lula’s office a dossier on the issue.

O gabinete do presidente Lula submeteu o dossiê a uma rápida analise jurídica.

The president’s office submitted the dossier to a quick legal analysis.

E, às 16h12, a Record em São Paulo recebeu a confirmação de que o Presidente Lula viria para dar uma entrevista e apertar o botão que colocaria a Record News no ar.

And at 4:12 pm, Record received confirmation that Lula would attend, give an interview, and help press the button that would put the channel on the air.

A explicação da Record foi simples: ela fez uma parceria de conteúdo com a Rede Mulher, que trocou a grade de programação, para exibir a programação da Record News.

Record’s explanation was simple: It entered into a content partnership with Rede Mulher (“SheTV”), which changed its programming grid to Record News.

A Rede Mulher continua a existir como uma rede independente da Record.

“SheTV” continues to exist as an independent network owned by Record.

. Como previsto, às 20h00, o presidente Lula e o proprietário da Record, Edir Macedo, apertaram o botão “play” que colocou a Record News no ar.

As planned, Lula and Macedo pressed the button at 8 pm.

Em tempo: convidado, o Ministro Hélio Costa não foi à festa de lançamento da Record News.

Minister of Communications Costa, who was invited, did not attend.

Former TV Globo talking head and exec, Minister Hélio “The Sun God” Costa.


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