Colombia: “The Paramilitaries No Longer Exist, and We Continue Working to Eliminate Them”
Risk to upcoming elections, by municipality, presented by the presence of new groups, emergent gangs, remnants of demoblized paramilitaries, and “structures in formation.” See Infographic of the Week: Colombia’s Elections Observer Mission.

The wire service story is from clicabrasilia.

Uribe afirmou que na Colômbia “já não existe o paramilitarismo, mas guerrilhas e narcotraficantes”. O termo paramilitar, segundo ele, “foi cunhado para designar organizações particulares criminosas cujo objetivo era combater a guerrilha. Hoje, o único que combate a guerrilha é o Estado, que recuperou o monopólio que nunca devia ter perdido”.

Uribe said [in Washington, D.C.] that in Colombia, “paramilitarism no longer exists. What you have are guerrillas and narcotraffickers.” The term “paramilitary,” he said, “was coined to designate private criminal organizations whose objective was to combat the guerrilla. Today, the only force combating the guerrilla is the State, which has recovered the [Weberian] monopoly [on the legitimate use of force] that it should never have lost.

But see also

Para o governante colombiano, “superar definitivamente este problema é desígnio irrenunciável” de sua política de segurança democrática.

In the view of the Colombian chief executive, “definitively resolving this problem is an essential goal” of his democratic security policy.

Did he not just it was not a problem any longer?

Até agora, os esforços para combater o terrorismo conseguiram que, dos 60 mil terroristas existentes no país há cinco anos, restem apenas 11 mil, de acordo com Uribe. Para isso, foram fundamentais estratégias como “aprofundar a democracia em vez de cerceá-la, proteger as liberdades em vez de suprimi-las e estimular a divergência, em vez de silenciá-la”.

To date, efforts to combat terrorism managed to reduce the number of terrorists in Colombia from 60,000 years ago to only 11,000, according to Uribe. To this end, strategies such as “deepening democracy instead of limiting it, protecting freedoms instead of repressening them, and stimulating plurality of opinion instead of silencing it” were essential.

Glittering generality alert.

Para eliminar definitivamente o terrorismo, a Colômbia está disposta “a um acordo humanitário, mas não pode permitir zonas de desocupação, que são campos de concentração comandados por terroristas”, ressaltou o presidente.

To eliminate terrorism once and for all, Colombia is disposed to “a humanitarian accord, but one that cannot permit unoccupied zones that are concentration camps commanded by terrorists.”

“Também não permitiremos que saiam da prisão e voltem ao crime, pois seria uma afronta ao sacrifício dos soldados e policiais da pátria”, acrescentou.

“He will also not permit them to leave prison and return to crime, which would be an affront to the sacrifice of the soldiers and police of the nation,” he added.

But see also

If the paramilitaries do not exist anymore, then I guess the “parapolitics” dynamic — 37 defendants currently in the Supreme Court, and threats reported recently against the daughter of one of the justices — is also a thing of the past?

The father of Uribe’s ex-foreign minister, Senator Araújo, and his son among them?

Reality-testing the press release: Billboard for the Colombian Army’s Fourth Brigade, Medellin. “I feel protected because I can count on my Fourth Brigade.” “The brigade, patrolling alongside AUC units, is accused of killing dozens of civilians, dressing their bodies in camouflage and presenting them as guerrillas killed in combat” in areas outside Medellin, according to a report from the CIP.


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