Ecuador: “Triumphant Correa Calms The Business Sector”

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Scenario in the Ecuadoran Constituent Assembly, with 93% of the votes counted, last I read. Green is the Alianza Pais movement of President Correa.

EL FINANCIERO, Primer Periodico Economico del Ecuador: “Correa speech calms business sector.”

El discurso conciliador y de apertura al dialogo, del presidente de la República, Rafael Correa luego de conocer los resultados de los miembros que conformaran la Asamblea Constituyente, calma a empresarios, banqueros y exportadores.

The conciliatory tone of his speech and the openness to dialogue on the part of President Correa after learning the results of the referendum on the Constituent Assembly is calming business owners, bankers and exporters.

El director de la Cámara de Industrias de Guayaquil, Carlos Andrade, manifestó de positivo que el régimen busque conversar con los distintos sectores de la sociedad, “porque todos son importantes y necesarios para sacar el País adelante”, dijo.

The director of the Industrial Council of Guayaquil, Carlos Andrade, reacted positively to the regime’s efforts to talk with different sectors of society, “because we are all important and necessary to get the country moving forward,” he said.

El gerente regional del Banco Procredit, Clover Pintado, coincide con Andrade, al afirmar que esa actitud conciliadora y de apertura al dialogo es lo que todos los sectores de la economía están esperando.

The regional director of Procredit Bank, Clover Pintado, agrees with Andrade, saying this conciliatory attitude and openness to dialogue is what all sectors of the economy are hoping for.

De esta manera, ambos empresarios manifestaron la necesidad de que este discurso se haga concreto en el corto plazo, y que el régimen además siente, mediante diálogos y acciones, las bases para la estabilidad económica y política a mediano y largo plazo.

Both businessmen expressed the need for this conversation to be held in the near term, and that the regime establish a basis, through words and deeds, for economic and political stability in the medium to long term.

I wonder why the opinion of these guys matters most?

I will try to see if I can find the speech. I bet you they posted it to YouTube.

The Ecuadoran government is a big fan of YouTube.

There are folks in Congress refusing to dissolve the body in favor of the Constituent Assembly, one reads, but public sentiment, according to one survey, is running about 2 to 1 against Congress.

Just a rough take on the situation.

This is an astonishing amount of support, by the way, for a candidate who was reported in a “technical tie” with Álvaro Noboa going into the second round of elections — after the first round was marred by a Byzantine affair involving a Brazilian voting technology firm and a failed quick-count.

See also

There are those who think somebody tried to pull a Mexico. I sure would be interested in knowing more.


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