Monicagate: The Senator, The Globo Talking Head, the Palimony Lawyer, and Veja

NMM(-TV)SNB(B)CNN(P)BS (Google Video):

Brazil’s Veja magazine runs an exposé, anonymously sourced, charging that a Brazilian senator let a lobbyist for a big federal public-works contractor pay child-support to his out-of-wedlock baby mom.

The lovey Monica is a former TV Globo journalist who now runs a political marketing firm that produces political advertising for the senator’s party and government agencies it controls, as well as advertising for private-sector clients.

Try to google up the name of that firm, by the way. It is not easy to find.

The source is later identified as the woman’s palimony lawyer, who as it turns out is also negotiating with Veja‘s publisher, Abril, over a nude photo spread of Monica to run in Veja‘s sister publication, Playboy Brasil. That spread is slated to run in September, but is canceled without an explanation — that I know of, yet.

Quem lê tantas “notícias”?

Here, Globo rival TV Band reports that the palimony lawyer has perjured himself to the ethics commission of the Senate. IstoÉ magazine reported the same story around that time: See

At around the same time — the YouTube sources lacked information on the air dates of the programs, but I will try to dig them up — Hebe “Maluf: He Steals But He Gets Things Done” Camargo of the SBT network has Monica on her Oprah-style talk show show, gushes over her youth and beauty, bashes the sex senator as an unsexy cad, and … well, have a look.

The Senator, meanwhile, is shown suggesting, ominously, that those without sin should cast the first stone of maximum borking.

Not a pretty story, anyway you slice it — I defy you to find me an authentic, intact hysterical virgin in the bunch.

And that goes double for Arnaldo Jabor, a prime purveyor of the “we are all prostitutes” meme —

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Omitted from broadcast commentary as posted to YouTube — is it really the version that aired? — but published in the
O Povo newspaper: “When Lula pointed to corruption under Cardoso …Lula is a whore! (And so was Cardoso!)” “We are all prostitutes!” Compare Larry Rohter Leaves Brazil: “I Feel Like a Prostitute Lynched by Hypocrites”

One thing you can say, I guess, is it illustrates of a certain noticeable promiscuity in the relationship between the state bureaucracy, the political party, private-sector lobbying, the press, and the noble profession of stealth marketing in poor, suffering Brazil.

Which is actually not even the worst place in Latin America for this sort of thing, and has many responsible adults working to turn down the noise, I should say.

In Peru, for example … holy moly, Batman!


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