New Testimony on Karl “Validimir Montesinos” Rove

The Blue Block memorandum, page 10. “If a polling place is losing for PAN, the block leaders will instruct their people to initiate violence and remove the ballot box to a place controlled by PAN; another solution would be to provoke the annulment of the vote in that precinct because of irregularities.” Click to zoom.

“For our friends, anything; for our enemies, the Law.”

Q And as you were hearing the conversation and understanding it at the time, leaving aside the precise words that you used in your affidavit, but did you understand them to mean that Karl Rove was encouraging the prosecution?

Ms. Simpson: What I understood, or what I believed Mr. Canary to be saying, was that he had had this ongoing conversation with Karl Rove about Don Siegelman, and that Don Siegelman was a thorn to them and basically he was going to — he had been talking with Rove. Rove had been talking with the Justice Department, and they were pursuing Don Siegelman as a result of Rove talking to the Justice Department at the request of Bill Canary.

Local [Federalist Society] chapters in Alabama were advised by Perry O. Hooper Sr., chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, along with Associate Justices J. Gorman Houston, Harold See and A. Hugh Maddox. U.S. Sen. Jefferson B. Sessions III also supported the organization. (Sessions was nominated to become a federal judge in 1986 but was blocked when it was disclosed that he had called the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union “un-American” and “communist-inspired,” and said they “force civil rights down the throats of people.” Referring to the Ku Klux Klan, he reportedly said, “I used to think they’re OK,” until he learned that some Klansmen were “pot smokers.” Sessions contended the remarks were either made in jest or had been misinterpreted.)

Rove Linked to Alabama Case (Time magazine): the political witch-hunt over the “politicization of justice” under former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales continues. As supporters of the former Attorney General tend to characterize the scenario.

A Republican lawyer claims she was told that Karl Rove — while serving as President Bush’s top political adviser — had intervened in the Justice Department’s prosecution of Alabama’s most prominent Democrat. Longtime Alabama G.O.P. activist Dana Jill Simpson first made the allegation in June, but has now provided new details in a lengthy sworn statement to the House Judiciary Committee. The Committee is expected to hold public hearings on the Alabama case next week as part of its investigation of possible political interference by the Bush Administration in the activities of the Department of Justice.

One of the main takeaways you get from reading the Latin American press regularly is that the kind of stuff that goes on in, say, Peru or Colombia or Brazil, is not the kind of thing you really want going on in your stable democracy with its thriving market economy and tradition of civility and the orderly, transparent alternation of power.

This is the sort of thing I meant, of course.

When the PAN state party chairman in Veracruz, Mexico, issued a memo to partisan loyalists to level accusations of corruption and election fraud, whether well-founded or not, he was apparently engaging in Alberto Gonzalesism.

That is not necessarily an analogy or metaphor, either.

Expect to see more newsflow in the future about Federalist Society “training courses” for Latin American judges, for example. I predict this. I will buy you a beer if I am wrong.


The United States of America is now a banana republic.

Alabama, apparently, is its Alagoas — although Ohio may have a claim on that intercontentinental geographical analogy (mutatis mutandis) as well. See

And Dick “A Danger to Mexico” Morris is its Messenger.


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