Cisco in Deep Crisco: “Tech Sector Feels Hectored!”

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“International news organization follow Cisco story! Biggest American papers ignore the case!” Not. I  read about it in the New York Times myself, which did not make much of a big deal of it, is all. As it really sort of isn’t, in the scheme of things.  Is it me or is G1 suddenly moving away from its earlier trend toward actually being decently informative some day?

IT Web (Brazil) offers more anonymous punditry about the troubles Cisco Systems ran into down here in Brazil over Sino-Paraguayan “innovations in import-export” techniques used by some of its distributors.

Operation Persona will affect other technology providers, they write.

No kidding?

The feds pretty much said just that, if you listened carefully enough.

Entrevistados pelo IT Web, analistas da área de tecnologia e telecomunicações avaliaram que a Operação Persona, da Polícia Federal, Receita Federal e Ministério Público, tem impacto direto em outros fornecedores de tecnologia. “Todos devem estar de cabelo em pé, já que eles também têm vários mecanismos de importação”, comentou um consultor da área, que preferiu manter a identidade em sigilo.

Interview by this publication, analysts in the tech and telecoms sector opined that Operation Persona … will have a direct impact on other technology suppliers. “They must all have their hair standing on end, after all, they also have various import mechanisms,” said one consultant in the area, who preferred to remain anonymous. 

Hell, I could have surmised that for you.

In fact, I did. And I am not even a consultant. I am just some guy who reads too many newspapers.

O objetivo dos mecanismos, que podem envolver subfaturamento de alguns itens e super-faturamento de outros, seria, na opinião dos analistas, driblar a alta carga tributária brasileira e colocar os produtos a preços competitivos no mercado.

The objective of these mechanisms, which could involve undervaluation of some items and overvaluation of others, would be, in the opinion of analysts, to avoid high Brazilian taxes and bring their products to market at competitive prices.

You have to read the case file on the import-export practices of São Paulo’s [now bankrupt] luxury boutique, Daslu, to really appreciate how astonshingly Sino-Paraguayan this sort of thing can get down here.

As in $30 jeans from the Gap marked up to $R2,000 Sino-Paraguayan, and writing to suppliers asking them to omit the wholesale price from bills of sale. It really boggles the mind.

No caso da Cisco, no entanto, os especialistas consultados pelo IT Web  afirmam que não dá para imaginar que a matriz da empresa não estivesse ciente das operações. Por seu porte, a Cisco não deve deixar que esse episódio manche sua imagem nem no exterior, nem no Brasil, um dos maiores mercados dos países emergentes, avaliam. De acordo com eles, em caso de uma condenação, a companhia poderá ter de pagar os tributos devidos e depois deve continuar operando normalmente.

Specialists consulted by IT Web say it is unlikely that corporate HQ did not know of these transactions. Given its size, Cisco should not let this episode blemish its image abroad, not even even in Brazil, one of the largest of the emerging markets, they opine. According to them, in case of a guilty verdict, the company would have to pay the taxes it owes and will then continue to operate normally.

Anonymous cowards, belaboring the obvious.

Another triumph of free newslike infotainment content on the Internet.


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