AMCHAM on the Cisco Case: “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Does Not Speak for Us”

Amcham diz que não é ligada à Câmara dos EUA: “The American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil says it is independent of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.”

The Estado de S. Paulo — which did thorough coverage package on page B6, with reports from São Paulo, Rio and Bahia, and an interview with directors of the Ilhéus IT industrial zone in Bahia — reports on local reaction to reactions by visiting U.S. officials to Operation Persona, which has charged 4 Cisco employees (among 40+ arrested) with various cheating-related offenses.

On those reactions, see

Cisco ran a paid public statement in the Estado today on page A5, with a paid front page callout pointing to it.

One of the firms raided received a “quality” award from the Industrial Federation of Bahia recently, the Estadão notes.

A Câmara Americana de Comércio para o Brasil (Amcham Brasil) informou ontem que as declarações do diretor-gerente da Câmara de Comércio dos Estados Unidos, Mark Smith, não correspondem à opinião da entidade brasileira. Smith afirmou ontem ao ””Estado”” que o excesso de impostos faz do Brasil um ””país propício ao subfaturamento de importação””, em referência às acusações de sonegação fiscal enfrentadas pela gigante americana Cisco Systems. A Amcham Brasil afirma que não há relação formal entre seu pontos de vista e o da Câmara do Comércio dos Estados Unidos. Em nota, a entidade afirma que é uma câmara de comércio com atuação voltada aos EUA, porém independente, sem ligações com os governos americano ou brasileiro.

The American Chamber of Commerce for Brasil (AMCHAM Brasil) informed yesterday that statements by the director the U.S. Chamber of Commerce do not reflect its views.

Smith told the Estado yestereday that excessive taxes make Brazil a nation “prone to undervaluation of import goods,” referring to the charges of tax evasion faced by Cisco Systems.

Open mouth. Insert foot.

Amcham Brazil says there is no formal relationship between its points of view and those of the U.S. Chamber. In a press release, it says it is a chamber of commerce oriented toward trade with the U.S., but that it is independent, without ties to the U.S. or Brazilian governments.

The U.S. Chamber’s Web site indicates its relationship to the U.S.-Brazil Business Council, headed by Tom Catania, VP Governmental Relations of Whirlpool, and the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America.

Both of which operate out of the same address as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

1615 H St NW Washington DC 20062-2000

The AMCHAM São Paulo, which is a member of the AACCLA, is located in the same neighborhood as the U.S. Consulate, at R. Henri Dunant, 500, in the Châcara Santo Antonio (where we spent the morning on personal bureaucratic duties, by the way.)

  1. Head southeast on R. da Paz toward R. Rodrigues Pais, 0.3 km
  2. Turn left at R. Bento Barbosa, 0.3 km
  3. Turn right at R. Henri Dunant, 0.2 km

You might as well walk, really, what with the parking situation.

The fresh air will do you good.


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