Spain: “Did ETA Do 11-M?”

La conspiración de las togas: The Audiencia (Spain) is about to issue its findings in the case of the 11-M terrorist attacks in Madrid.

Libertad Digital writes of “conspiracy of judges” to repress evidence favorable to the proposition that “ETA did 11-M”

A special section in El País reviews the case and shines a spotlight on a David “Fear and Misinformation Abound”-style fear, uncertainty and doubt campaign designed to lend credibility to an alternative theory of the case that President Aznar personally and quite vigorously promoted to the Spanish press in the days following the attack:

“ETA did 11-M.”

See also

What is it about the Spanish, anyway? Recall that “Tania” Head, the 9/11 victim whose tale of heroic survival turned out — how did the Times put it? — to be impossible to confirm on any point, is a product of the same peculiar political culture. See

A quick excerpt. The article looks at the main items of evidence adduced for the “conspiracy” theory, but if you want to read more about them, you will have to learn Spanish. I am busy today

… tanto los abogados de la Asociación de Ayuda a las Víctimas del 11-M y los de la Asociación de Víctimas del Terrorismo (AVT), excediendo claramente su papel procesal de acusación, se lanzaron con pasión de converso a intentar colarnos a todos los españoles y también al tribunal que los asesinos de ETA estaban detrás del atentado de los trenes de cercanías de Madrid, es decir, la tesis de la conspiración, auspiciada y defendida por los principales dirigentes del Partido Popular y algunos de sus corifeos mediáticos.

Attorneys for the Aid Association for 11-M victims and the Association of Terrorist Victims, clearly exceeding their prosecutorial role, dedicated themselves with the passion of a new convert to try to convince the Spanish people and the court that ETA assassins were behind the attacks on Madrid commuter trains — that is, the “conspiracy theory,” sponsored and defended by the principal leaders of the PP and some of their acolytes in the media.

Some comments on the story:



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