Spain: “ETA Did Not Do 11-M”

Noticias en Libertad 1ª Edición (Spain): “ETA Did Not Do 11-M” seems to the principal angle taken in reporting on today’s verdict in the March 11, 2004 terrorist attacks in Madrid, in the highest-circulation metro dailies of Spain’s fractious print media: El País, El Mundo, and ABC.

Some sources point to the acquittal of “The Egyptian” — a man who has maintained, as I understand it, that he knew the bombers, knew  they were up to no good, but was not aware of or part of their plan — as a surprise.

ABC runs a section on international reporting of the case, where the angle of coverage varies from “7 acquitted” and “mastermind acquitted” (or “no masterminds convicted”) to “21 found guilty.”

On “ETA Did 11-M,” see also


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