Brazil: “Globo Gets Another Journo Borked”
The offending story: “Globo suffers. From March to August of this year, the broadcaster suffered an unprecedented falloff in its audience, while Record grew and SBT paid close attention.”

The Brazilian journalist does not feel free to write. More than just having to follow the editorial line of the publications they work for, the complaints principally have to do with coercion by political or business groups. –“A Profile of the Brazilian Journalist”

REPÓRTER DEMITIDO P/PRESSÃO DA GLOBO: CartaCapital magazine (Brazil) published a short follow-up this week to its last cover story, which detailed the declining ratings of the Globo Network here in Brazil.

On which see also

It reported that the report was originally written for Meio&Mensagem (“the media and the message”), a media and media-buying trade magazine. Reminds me of, oh, say, Ad Age (one of the best mag titles I know of. Ad Age. Adage. Get it?)

(There are quite a few gems to be found in the Brazilian trade press, if you look hard enough — despite the stealth-marketing InfomediaTVs that infest the sector.)

But that the reporter who developed the story got fired for having written it, and refusing to rewrite it at Globo’s behest.

Upon which CC agreed to run the director’s cut of the story.

An editor from the same publication was fired earlier this year for printing a story that dared to introduce a note of balance and skepticism — in passing — about the official autohagiography by proxy of Octavio Frías, the late owner and publisher of the Folha de S. Paulo.


Comunique-se reported the follow about the background of the firing.

O DEPARTAMENTO comercial da TV Globo ligou para o Meio & Mensagem solicitando que a abordagem de uma matéria sobre a audiência na TV aberta fosse alterada. A sugestão foi levada à direção e, posteriormente, para a redação. Em uma reunião de pauta, os repórteres do veículo souberam do pedido e a editora-chefe e coordenadora de conteúdo, Regina Augusto, pediu que o repórter Alisson Ávila fizesse a mudança.

The business department of TV Globo called up Meio & Mensagem asking that the approach taken by a story on broadcast ratings be changed. The suggest was directed to management and then, later, to the editorial department. In a coverage planning meeting, reporters from the publication learned of the request from Globo, and the editor in chief and content coordinator, Regina Augusto, asked reporter Alisson Ávila to make the changes.

The M&M publisher’s comments about the Frías incident were incredibly crass, even by Brazilian standards: The function of the trade press, she seemed to me to be saying, is to promote the image of the industry it covers with perpetual sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, not to report objectively on the state of play.

Which sort of strikes you as an astonishing public relations gaffe.

Know that I know that M&M is committed to an egocasting business model —

egocasting pp. Reading, watching, and listening only to media that reflect one’s own tastes or opinions. —egocast n., v. —egocaster n. The Word Spy

— why would I, who am interested in the industry as an outside observer, want to pay good money to be fed what is essentially autohagiography by proxy?

Just about the only people who have any real use for that sort of thing are the candidates for beatification themselves.

Which you would think would sort of tend to limit your circulation to the people whose vanity you are stroking. Making you something of, as the expression here has it, a bobo da corte. I actually know of a case like that myself, firsthand. All too well. But another time.

O jornalista se recusou, foi demitido e levou a matéria à CartaCapital, que deu capa desta semana à reportagem. Procurado pela reportagem, Ávila não quis comentar o assunto. Sua reportagem exibe o índice dos últimos dois anos de audiência e conclui que a Rede Globo perdeu pontos enquanto os números da Record cresceram. Nos últimos anos, a emissora do bispo Edir Macedo tem investido maciçamente em sua programação para brigar, até 2009, pela liderança com a rede criada por Roberto Marinho. A Globo ainda lidera largamente. O Comunique-se procurou insistentemente Regina; o diretor da Central Globo de Marketing, Anco Saraiva, e Sérgio Borgneth, vice-presidente executivo da Editora Meio & Mensagem. Nenhum deles pôde atender até a publicação desta matéria, por volta das 14h30. A redação deixou recado em todas as situações explicando o teor da matéria e pedindo urgência no contato. O Comunique-se oferece o mesmo espaço para a resposta dos profissionais e empresas na suíte do caso. (Comunique-se)

The journalist refused, was fired and took the article to CartaCapital, which dedicated its cover to the story. Sought by this publication, Ávila did not wish to comment on the incident. His reporting analyzes ratings figures for the last two years and concludes that Globo has lost ground while Record has grown. Globo still largely leads the market.

The interesting part of the coverage packag, was the digression on the question, “How reliable and aboveboard are audience metrics, and the advertising rate cards ostensibly tied to them, in Brazil, anyway?”

In recent years, Record, owned by bishop Edir Macedo, has invested massively in its programming in order to overtake the network created by Roberto Marinho by 2009. This publication sought repeatedly to contact Regina, as well as Anco Saraiva, director of Globo Marketing, and Sérgio Borgnet, Executive VP of M&. None responded by the deadline for this issue, around 2:30 pm. We left messages for all them explaining the content of our reporting and asking them to contact us on an urgent basis. Comunique-se offers equal time to all professionals and firms involved in the case.

Comunique-se IS worth a read from time to time.


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