How Much “Pay for Placement” Costs
Publicity Guaranteed is a KMGI company. KMGI clients include: CNN, CBS, the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Intel.

And here I have been assuming that “fake news” is bad thing.

The Publicity Hound’s Blog offers practical advice on how much it should cost you to pay for placement of favorable publicity about your gizmo or meme in reputable press organs.

A new PR firm, Washington, D.C.-based Publicity Guaranteed, has its fees right on its home page. They range from $195 to get a story placed in a 10,000-circulation daily, up to $2,850 for an article in a publication like the Wall Street Journal or USA Today. In other words, you don’t pay anything unless a journalist writes an article.

The pitch:

We can place powerfully written articles about your company or product in newspapers and magazines across the United States. Companies large and small as well as advertising agencies, government agencies and PR firms use our innovative services.

Name one government agency that has placed a “powerfully written article” in the Wall Street Journal or USA Today, or the Washington Post, or the New York Times, and paid this agency to do it. With taxpayer money.

Do those publications admit that this agency has “placed powerfully written articles” in their pages?

And how many of those “placed” stories disclose that they were “pitched” by someone who gets paid to “place” stories?


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