Rio: Add Prison Guard to Bullet-Riddled Corpse File

Agente penitenciário é fuzilado dentro do carro no Rio: A Rio prison guard is machine-gunned to death in his car. The Estadão (São Paulo, Brazil) reports.

With 47 bulletholes in the death car.

This sort of massive overkill may indicate an organized crime queima de arquivo.

Massive overkill being a message-sending technique of the death squad ever since the Scuderie Le Cocq put 100 rounds in Horseface all those years ago, is my reasoning for this speculation. See

The detail reminds one of the rubbing out of Inspector Tostes as well, for example. See

And this case:

Pure guess: symbolic punishment for violation of omertà.

Even more speculative: either militia-related, or else a penalty for contractual nonperformance with a prison-based alt.pharma.leisure concern. If had to bet, I would incline toward the former. Cannot exactly put my finger on why. All of this pure guessing, mind you, so no wagering.

SÃO PAULO – O agente penitenciário Dielson Corrêa, de 41 anos, foi fuzilado na noite de segunda-feira, 29, em Santa Cruz, no Rio de Janeiro. Até a manhã desta terça-feira, 30, a polícia ainda não tinha pista dos assassinos nem sequer os motivos do crime. Ele foi morto dentro do carro, onde foram encontradas 47 perfurações.

Prison guard Dielson Corrêa, 41, was machine-gunned to death on Monday, October 29, in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro. As of Tuesday morning, the police still have no clues as to the identity of the assassins or the motives for the crime. He was killed inside a car that was found with 47 bullet holes in it.

O crime aconteceu por volta das 22h45, quando o agente passava pela Avenida Brasil, na altura do Jardim Palmares, em Santa Cruz. Os disparos foram feitos por pessoas que estavam dentro um veículo. Côrrea trabalhava no posto em frente à Casa de Custódia Cotrin Neto, no Complexo Penitenciário Japeri, na Baixada Fluminense.

The crime occurred at around 10:45 pm, as the agent was driving along the Avenida Brasil near Jardim Palmares in Santa Cruz. The shots were fired by persons inside another vehicle. Côrrea worked a post outside the Cotrin Neto prison facility in the Japeri penitentiary complex in the Baixada Fluminense.

Item: The UN representative on summary executions and police violence, in Brazil at the moment, has reportedly refused to revealed the identity of persons he will meet with to the Brazilian government, or the schedule or location of his activities.

The reason: The last time he was here, one of the persons he talked to wound up dead a dozen times over within hours of talking to him.

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Carobinha, Rio de Janeiro: Underground Rio van service vehicle, stuffed with black-clad corpses wearing combat boots. Stick on the windowshield reads “The work continues.” See Rio de Janeiro: “Carobinha Death Toll Reaches 10.″


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