Rio: Fireworks Over Narcobattalion Case

Já são 37 PMs de Caxias de volta à prisão: G1/Globo reports that the Rio de Janeiro state military police troopers who were released last week, after being arrested in September on charges of getting pay-offs to leave the drug traffic alone, have been rearrested and ordered to report to the special detention center for police personnel (BEP).

Previous reporting on the case, in which some 10% of the manpower of the 15th Military Police Battalion was detained:

Also of interest today on a related topic: An essay by Hélio Bicudo, in the legal affairs daily Ultima Instância, on the (utter lack of) efficacy of a 2002 reform designed to reduce police impunity in cases of summary executions.

In the regional headlines: The report of a UN inspector, generally critical of lack progress in this area, but highlighting some effective policy implementation here and there.

Let me just cut to the colorful details here.

Quando foram soltos na terça-feira (6), os 43 policiais comemoraram soltando fogos, atitude condenada pelo governador Sérgio Cabral. A corregedoria da Polícia Militar informou que as investigações sobre a incompatibilidade entre os salários do policiais e os carros de luxo utilizados na terça para deixar o BEP devem continuar até o início da semana do dia 12 de novembro.

When they were released on Tuesday (November 6), the 43 policemen celebrated by shooting off fireworks, an attitude condemned by the state government. The internal affairs division of the state military police reported that investigations into the apparent gap between the salary of the policemen who were released and the luxury cars they used on Tuesday to leave the detention facility are due to continue through November 12.

A nova denúncia do Ministério Público discrimina o envolvimento de cada um dos 44 policiais militares e pede a prisão preventiva de todos.

The new charge brought by the state prosecutor details the involvement of each of the 44 troopers individually, and requests the preventive detention of all of them.

Addressing the technical objection that the judge who issued the release order had with the original complaint.

De acordo com a polícia, os militares, lotados no 15º BPM, recebiam até R$ 4 mil por semana para não reprimir o tráfico, para soltar criminosos presos e até avisar as quadrilhas sobre operações policiais que iriam acontecer em favelas da Baixada Fluminense.

Police say the military police troopers, all assigned to the 15th Battalion, received up to R$4,000 a week to not repress the traffic, to release criminals who had been arrested, and even to warn drug gangs of impending operations in the shantytowns of the Baixada Fluminense region. 

I am going to stop reading the G1 news portal regularly, I think. It is pretty obvious that someone noticed they were doing real journalism over there and moved to put a stop to that sort of thing.

This item, for example, is played down to a whisper, while new developments in the “Madeleine” missing child case in Portugal — exclusive new photos of the room from which the blonde waif may have been taken! — are turned up to eleven.


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