“Female Journalists to Be Awarded”

Enter now and win Lydia.

The poorly thought-out headline of the day is from the Associated Press: Female Journalists to Be Awarded.

To whom will they be awarded?

“Award” is a transitive verb.

  1. to give by judicial decree or after careful consideration
  2. to confer or bestow as being deserved or merited or needed <award scholarships to disadvantaged students>

Female journalists will be given by decree or careful consideration, or conferred or bestowed as being deserved or merited or needed.

To whom?

Who, upon careful consideration, deserves, merits or needs female journalists?

(Answer: We all do.)

The Associated Press should be awarded a few good editors, it seems to me.

They are sorely needed.

“Get awards,” or “are honored,” might make more sense.

The story has to do with the Lydia Cacho case and involves child-fucking.

She set out to expose a pedophile ring in Cancun, naming the rich and powerful she says were involved, and became a journalism sensation after she was abducted by police, allegedly at the behest of a state governor.

On which recently reelected governor see also

Lydia Cacho peered into Cancun’s underworld and came up with a stinging indictment not only of the alleged abusers, but of powerful friends and politicians she says did little or nothing to stop a prominent businessman accused of luring poor girls in the Caribbean resort to his home so that he and his friends could have sex with them.

An “indictment” with sufficient credibility to bring about the extradition of Jean Succar Kuri to Mexico from Arizona — where his case has not been resolved, as far as I know.


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