Brazil: Of Squid, Worms and Higher Learning
The nightmarish tênia.

Cursinhos querem anulação de teste de biologia da Fuvest 2008: “Test prep firms want biology question on FUVEST exam annuled.”

My wife will be interested: She just sat for the FUVEST. She is thinking of getting her master’s in library and information science. She says she just cannot take the journalism racket anymore.

O teste de biologia trata da classificação das lulas, lombrigas, minhocas e tênias e, de acordo com a resposta apontada como correta no gabarito, “as minhocas e lulas apresentam metameria, que não é encontrada nas tênias e nas lombrigas”.

The biology test deals with the classification of squid, [some kind of nonsegmented worm], earthworms, and [worms of the orders Pseudophilidae and Ciclophylidae], and, according to the result pointed to as correct in the answer key, “earthworms and squid present the characteristic known as [the characteristic of being segmented in rings], while the others do not.

Segundo o supervisor de biologia do Sistema Anglo de Ensino, Sezar Sasson, uma carta pedindo a anulação já foi enviada à organização do processo seletivo. “A resposta que a Fuvest aponta como correta diz que a lula teria metameria, ou seja, o corpo segmentado. Isso acontece com a minhoca, mas não com a lula”, diz.

According to biology supervisor of the Anglo Instructional System, Sezar Sasson, a letter asking that the question be annuled has been sent to the exam organizer. “The answer FUVEST indicates is correct says that squid present segmented rings. This is true of the earthworm, but not of the squid,” he says.

Helping my wife study for this thing, I found that the gabaritos — the “fine print,” or answer keys — tend to contain a lot of errors as well.

A lot of errors.

If the Globo network needed for squid to be segmented in rings, they would no doubt cite the FUVEST answer key as an authority on the question and refuse to interview Mr. Sasson saying otherwise.


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