Peru: Carlin on Free Trade

Carlin (La República, Lima) on the Peruvian FTA

Bush (speaking Spanish in a broad Texas accent): “I am pleased that the Senate has approved this free-trade agreement, which only favors us, given that 98% of Peruvian products already enter the U.S. duty-free. And I am pleased that those folks over there are dumb enough to celebrate the deal like it was a triumph on their part.”

Carlin of La República (Lima).

I have no opinion on free trade with Peru — the only Peruvian product I own being one of those pointy, handmade Andean wool hats, presented to me by a Chilean relative. But Carlin consistently cracks me up.

A Transandean Angelí of sorts, in terms of his concepts and sense of language, though the visual style is very different than the Tupi’s Crumb- and Zap-inspired characters (all male leaders seem to have a heavy 5 o’clock shadow and all female leaders seem to show signs of botox injections.)


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