“The Art of Seduction is The Latest Craze!”: O Globo on the Pole Dance

… in the first weeks of training, the appearance of purple bruises and small burns on the skin are common among beginners, because of friction with the bar.

Psychologist Márcio Linhares, who specializes in human sexuality, recalls that sensuality is not learned in classes and that consumers should choose courses carefully so as not to be carried aware by mere marketing ploys.

Exercitando a sensualidade: pole dance, pompoarismo e strip-tease na sala de aula: “Exercising sensuality — the pole dance, pompoarismo and strip-tease in the classroom.”

My baby makes me proud. Lord, don’t she make me proud
She never makes a scene by hangin’ all over me in crowd
Cause people like to talk. Lord, how they love to talk
But when they turn out the lights I know she’ll be leavin’ with me
And when we get behind closed doors then she lets her hair hang down
And she makes me feel like I’m a man
Oh, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors

–Charlie Rich

O Globo (Rio de Janeiro) reports.

A follow-up to

Pompoarismo (Wikipedia):

Pompoarismo é uma técnica oriental antiga, utilizada por mulheres, que consiste em contrair e relaxar a musculatura do períneo, a fim de explorar com maior intensidade a satisfação sexual, tanto sua como de seu parceiro.

… is an ancient Oriental technique, used by women which consists in contracting and relaxing the muscles of the perineum for the purpose of achieving more intense sexual satisfaction, both for herself and her partner.

On Globo and “ancient Oriental practices,” see also

One moment, biomagnetism is “an Oriental practice.” The next, it is a case of “charlatanism and quackery.”

Reporting the other day on a challenge to Globo’s current problems with the TV ratings authority over a “pole dance” scene in its 8 o’clock prime-time soap, O Globo reported breathlessly that it had had exclusive access to the defense presented by its parent organization.

The defense was basically that the soap opera is simply parroting an international marketing trend:

TV GLOBO’s defense, to which O GLOBO had access, argues that “The soap opera is responding to the international fashion for ‘pole dancing,’ a dance in which the women, wearing high heels and sensual clothing, performs gymnastics on a vertical bar (or pole), which is no longer confined to “stripper” ghettos, but has invaded the bars and gyms of the United States, China, Portugal, England and Argentina.”

I laughed so hard that Itaipava beer shot out of my noise.

(NMM(-TV)SNB(B)CNN(P)BS has received no consideration of any kind for that product placement. It might just as well have been Bohemia or Schincariol, or other brands — I miss being able to buy Corona down here — but Itaipava just happened to be what Mrs. NMMist brought home that day.)

Because this is, we note, a marketing trend that O Globo itself has promoted recently.

RIO – A arte de seduzir está ganhando manual, sala de aula e conquistando cada vez mais adeptas. Os cursos, que acontecem em sex shops, salas de convenção e até em empresas ensinam as mulheres a descobrir sua sensualidade, explorando o próprio corpo e cultivando a auto-estima. Depois dos segredos do pompoarismo, do strip-tease e da massagem sensual, a novidade do momento é o pole dance (conhecida popularmente como “dança do poste”, tradução ao pé da letra do termo em inglês), que ganhou visibilidade com a novela “Duas Caras”, da Rede Globo, e começa a atrair as mulheres. (Veja em vídeo uma aula de pole dance e saiba mais sobre a dança)

The art of seduction is getting an instruction manual and classes and is conquering more and more adherents. The courses, which are held in sex shops, convention centers, and even in corporation, teach women how to discover their senstuality, exploring their own body and cultivating self-esteem. After the secrets of pompoarismo, the strip-tease and sensual massage, the novelty of the moment is the pole dance … which gained visibility in the soap opera “Two Faces” on the Globo network, and is beginning to attract women. (Click to watch a video of a pole-dance class and learn more about it.)

I believe there already existed a number of perfectly serviceable manuals on this subject, some of them in the public domain, even — including the good old Kama Sutra.
Not to mention The Joy of Sex, which is still perfectly valid, even if those 1970s hairstyles look ridiculous now. (I will never forget running across the toe-sucking section, at age 10 or thereabouts, and being terribly, terribly confused.)

There is also now Own Your Own Pole-Dancing Business.

As seen on the Internet!

Somewhere out there, I just know it, there is an ad agency with an account billed to something like The International Pole-Dance Promotion Association that is out there “placing” this story. I just bet you there is.

Professora da atriz Flávia Alessandra e do elenco de apoio da novela que trabalha na Uisqueria Cincinatti de “Duas caras”, Alexandra Valença luta para desassociar a modalidade das casas noturnas e da prostituição. Ela conta que descobriu o pole dance há quatro anos, quando participou de um concurso de dança da Playboy TV. Na competição, conheceu uma dançarina tcheca que lhe ensinou os movimentos. Desde então, se apaixonou pela modalidade e foi procurar mais conhecimento no circo para aprimorar sua performance. Há dois anos, ela dá aulas particulares (por R$ 100 a hora) e ensina os passos em clubes de São Paulo.

Once again, a profile of the dance teacher who trained the Globo actress to work the pole until it smoked — “giving the episode a peak IBOPE rating of 43 points.”

Alexandra Valença is fighting the good fight to disassociate this dance form from nightclubs and bordellos.

The scene in question, over which the soap may lose its PG-12 rating, shows a nearly naked woman doing a pole dance in a dive bar with hooting men.

She must feel terribly betrayed by Globo, which seems to have undercut the purity of her vision.
She says she discovered the dance four years ago, while participating in a Playboy TV dance contests. Duriing the contest, she met a Czech dancer who taught her the moves. Since then, she had been passionate about the dance form and went in search of more knowledge in the circus [?] in order to perfect her craft. She has been giving private lessons (R$100 an hour) and teaching the form in São Paulo clubs. for two years now.

Which clubs, I wonder?

“O pole dance é uma prática desportiva, reconhecida em países como Japão, Estados Unidos e Canadá, que trabalha todos os músculos do corpo (Alexandra Valença, professora de pole dance) “

Photo caption: “Pole-dancing is a sporting activity, recognized in countries like Japan, the United States, and Canada, which works all the muscles of the body (Alexandra Valença, pole dance instructor).

Recognized by whom?

The Shanghai Star, April 21, 2005:

SILVER disco balls spin red lip-shaped lights around the room and Britney Spears’ “Oops I did it again” blares as Debbie gives herself a cheeky slap on the left buttock.

“A cheeky slap on the left buttock.” James Joyce is fuming with envy, there beyond the grave.

In school uniform, suspenders and high heels, she struts confidently around the pole, hooks her leg around it and swings to the ground before rippling back up. Flicking her long hair aside, she pauses to glance over her shoulder at the audience.

Schoolgirl uniforms! My wife lived in London for a while a few years back, and collected hooker flyers from the streets there, which we have framed in our downstairs bathroom.

Many feature mature gentlemen dressed up as judges being menaced by women in schoolgirl uniforms — or variants thereupon.

But contrary to appearances, Debbie is no pole pro. She’s a 42-year-old married banker in London who has just completed a six-week beginners’ course in pole dancing at My Pole Dance School in London.

Globo seems to be about three years behind the leading edge of the fashion trend here.

See also

In China, newly affluent citizens are spending more time and money in search of a higher quality of life. They are quick to catch on to the latest foreign fitness fads, from yoga to bungee jumping and ballroom dancing to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu? You mean capoeira?

I ask you again: What is public broadcasting doing keeping me up on fads, crazes and imaginary news and nonsense? When I can get the same thing watching Good Morning America or Regis and Perky Blonde No. 7?  See also

– O pole dance é uma prática desportiva, reconhecida em países como Japão, Estados Unidos e Canadá, que trabalha todos os músculos do corpo, com ênfase no abdômen. Além disso, confere flexibilidade, agilidade e pode melhorar muito a auto-estima e a sensualidade da mulher – garante Alexandra.

“Pole-dancing is a sporting activity, recognized in countries like Japan, the United States, and Canada, which works all the muscles of the body, with an emphasis on the abdominal region. What’s more, in confers flexilibility, agility and can greatly increase a woman’s self-esteem and sensuality,” Alexandra guarantees.

Will we see it as a demonstration sport in the next summer Olympics?

Para as iniciantes

For beginners.

Para quem quer arriscar alguns passos, a professora avisa: é possível adaptar portas, espelhos e pilastras para fazer os movimentos sensuais, mas para aprender as acrobacias feitas na barra, o acessório é fundamental. Hoje, ele pode ser comprado em sites estrangeiros ou feitos sob medida, indica. Alexandra explica que, nas primeiras semanas, o surgimento de manchas roxas e pequenas queimaduras na pele são comuns entre quem começa a praticar a dança por conta do contato com a barra. Os segredos para não se machucar durante os treinos é fazer um bom alongamento e usar acessórios como uma bota de cano alto que, além de proteger a perna, dá mais firmeza aos movimentos, diz.

For those who want to try out some steps, the teacher advises: It is possible to adapt doors, mirrors and pillars to perform these sensual moves, but in order to learn the acrobat moves performed on the bar, buying the accessory is indispensable.

Or else get to know your local Brooklyn fire brigade.

She explains that, in the first weeks of training, the appearance of purple bruises and small burns on the skin are common among beginners, because of friction with the bar. The secret to not hurting yourself during training sessions is to stretch well and use accessories such as high boots, which, besides protecting the legs, give more support to your moves.

I am picturing suburban housewives wearing hiking boots and football pads, working out on the pole.

A programadora de sites Renata Wilke importou de um site inglês o acessório, que saiu por cerca de R$ 450 – sem contar o preço do frete, diz. Desmontável, a barra fica em seu quarto e é usada tanto para exercícios físicos como para apimentar a noite com o marido. Ela, que gosta de dançar, e aproveita para exibir os movimentos quando sai para casas noturnas que tenham o acessório, conta que já passou por situações inusitadas:

Web programmer Renata Wilke imported the accessory from an English Web site, which cost her some $R450 — not to mention the price of the freight, she says. Collapsible, the bar is stored in her bedroom and is used both for physical exercise and to spice up nights with her husband. She, who likes to dance, and takes the opportunity to show off her moves when the couple goes out to night clubs that have a pole installed, says she has already had unsual experiences:

She googles up as working for Astéria, which counts Greenpeace, Buy Rugs Direct, and Windows Live Messenger among its clients.

– É difícil convencer as pessoas de que não sou stripper e não dou aulas. Hoje, não freqüento mais academias, porque já exercito o corpo inteiro com o pole dance – diz Renata.

“It is difficult to convince people that I am not a stripper and do not give classes. These days, I no longer go to the gym, because I now work out my entire body with the pole dance,” said Renata.

Palavra de especialista

Word of a specialist

Para o ginecologista, psicólogo e vice-presidente da Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos em Sexualidade Humana (Sbrash) Jorge José Serapião, todo tipo de incentivo a uma vida sexual saudável é válido, inclusive matricular-se em cursos sensuais.

For gynecologist, pyschologist and vice-presient of the Brazilian Society for the Study of Human Sexuality, Jorge José Serapião, any incentive to a healthy sex life is valid, including signing up for sensual courses.

Among consenting adults, absolutely. Knock yourselves out, young lovers.

– Na medida em que a rotina toma conta do relacionamento, os casais desenvolvem uma sensação de segurança quanto ao afeto do outro. Se alguém nos alerta para a necessidade da novidade e do cuidado com o parceiro, isso é sempre favorável. Os cursos também colaboram para permitir a elas um certo grau de transgressão: ultrapassamos os limites do permitido com transgressões mínimas como roupas e lingeries que usualmente não usariam. E isso contribui para uma maior excitação – revela o médico.

“To the extent that relationships fall into a routine, couples develop a sense of security about their affection for one another. If someone alerts us to the need for novelty and to take care of one’s partner, this is always favorable. The courses also help enable women to achieve a certain degree of transgression: They surpass the limits of the permitted with minimal transgressions such as wearing clothing and lingerie they normally would not. And this contributes to greater excitation,” the doctor reveals.

Já o psicólogo especialista em sexualidade humana Márcio Linhares lembra que sensualidade não se aprende em aulas e que é preciso escolher bem o curso para não se deixar levar por meras jogadas de marketing.

Psychologist Márcio Linhares, who specializes in human sexuality, recalls that sensuality is not learned in classes and that a course should be chosen carefully so as not to be carried aware by mere marketing ploys.

Globo does not want you to be taken in by sleazy marketing (or cross-marketing) practices.

Globo’s recommended method may produce a few bruises at first, but it is gynecologist-endorsed!! You need the proper equipment, however.

– O seduzir não se aprende numa aula: está dentro de cada um e na percepção do que encanta o outro. Mas é possível ter idéias com os cursos e, no mínimo, as mulheres vão conhecer melhor o próprio corpo – defende Márcio Linhares.

“Seduction is not learned in a class: it is within each of us and in the perception of what will captivate the other. But it is possible to get ideas from courses and, at a minimum, women will get better acquainted with their own bodies,” Linhares argues.

I have no doubt that pole-dancing is probably a healthy form of exercise.”Aerobic, not erotic.”

If Mr. and Mrs. Average Brazilian want to build a pole-dancing stage in their bedroom, and enjoy it, well, then, more power to them!

The problem, according to the ratings agency, is when you show a soap-opera character with her tits hanging out, up on stage in a dive bar in a militia-dominated favela, doing a pole dance while hooting men stick money in her knickers, during the designated family hour.

Back home in puritancial Gringland, you can, of course, see the same thing — on cable networks with parent controls, after 11:00 pm.

You can probably rent G-String Divas from your local locadoura here, even. There are moments of genuine drama in that series, when impassioned fans get a little obsessive and the huge bouncer has to step in to enforce the “look but don’t touch” rule.

This, I imagine is why those Stalinists at the ratings office are saying they found Globo’s “defense” to be “nonresponsive.”

Carl Hiassen’s Striptease made for a pretty humdrum movie — Burt Reynolds was good in that, though — but the original book is just hilarious. I recommend it as a deglamorizing satirical take on the politics and economics of the stripper industry.

TV Globo’s defense is basically the same as its marketing campaign. O Globo‘s exclusive access to the TV Globo defense seems to stem from the fact that an O Globo reporter wrote it in the first place.
“Charity poll dance helps kids in Stockton” (U.K.). Note absence of bank-notes in knickers. Source: Gazette Live.


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