The FCC v. Janet Jackson, South American Edition: No Boobs on Tube Until Nine, or Fine

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LEADING THE PEOPLE: “Freedom of expression!” “Oh, please. You would be better off sticking to [flashing your tits] or [asking whatever happened to that teen-idol singing group of yours.]” Cited by Sacatrapos (Mexico), but I think they are failing to cite the original source. Note in the margin:
“Pace Delacroix.” The reference is to “Liberty Leading the People.” See “Betty La Fea Leads the People To Freedom! (Pace Delacroix)”

I am for obscenity and against pornography. Obscenity is a cleansing process, whereas pornography only adds to the murk. –Henry Miller, in George Plimpton, Writers at Work (1963)

Explosive new developments in the gripping saga of Globo’s latest prime-time soap here in Brazil!


The Diário do Grande ABC (São Paulo, Brazil) reports that the Globo soap opera Duas Caras (“Two Faces” or “Two Guys”) will be reclassified to the local equivalent of PG-14 and required to air only after 9:00 pm.

Na prática, a novela já é exibida por volta das 21h em parte do país, mas não nas regiões Norte e Nordeste, que não adotam o horário de verão.

In practice, the soap is already shown around 9:00 pm in parts of Brazil, but not in the North and Northeast, which do not adopt daylight savings time.

This was apparently based on the “pole-dance” scene aired several weeks ago. Last night’s episode was even more jaw-droppingly crude. See

A Central Globo de Comunicação informa que só vai se pronunciar sobre o assunto quando for notificada. A emissora pode recorrer da decisão, que entra em vigor no dia 9 de janeiro.

The Globo press office says it will only comment when it is officially notified. The broadcaster can appeal the decision, which enters into force on January 9.

The Agência Brasil details:

A emissora apresentou justificativas ao ministério de que as cenas eróticas não aconteceriam mais e assumiu o compromisso de manter a novela Duas Caras dentro dos critérios que lhe asseguram a classificação indicativa não recomendada para menores de 12 anos, que pode ser exibida antes das 21 horas, mas os argumentos não foram aceitos.

The broadcaster informed the ministry the erotic scenes would not happen again and committed itself to keeping the soap opera withing the criteria that would allow it keep its current rating, which is “not recommended for minors under 12,” which means it can be shown before 9:00 pm. But the arguments were not accepted.

Last night’s “show us your tits” episode tends to make one think Globo’s pants are on fire on this point.

If they are still wearing them, that is.

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Catfight: Amara and Débora armam um barraco yesterday evening, according to the caption on the Globo program’s Web site. Armar um barraco means “to set up a tent” — Bernardo (blue tank top) runs a beach barraco, a common small business on Brazilian beaches, where chairs and umbrellas are rented and snacks and drinks doled out — but it is also a common euphemism for causing a man to have an erection. An erection of his penis, that is, in case you were not familiar with the technical terminology.

As cenas que motivaram a reclassificação da novela foram as que mostravam Alzira, personagem de Flávia Alessandra, fazendo uma dança sensual seminua.

The scenes that motivated the reclassification showed the character Alzira … doing a sensual dance while seminude.

O autor da novela, Aguinaldo Silva, disse há poucos dias em seu blog que considera hipocrisia as cenas sensuais serem consideradas impróprias.

Scriptwriter Aguinaldo Silva said a few days ago on his blog that he considers it hypocritical for sensual scenes to be considered improper.

“Hey, baby, show me your tits!” is Globo’s idea of sensuality?

And I hear you asking me: Why are we even having this conversation?

I hear you: The whole episode is too mind-bendingly stupid for words.

So mind-bendingly stupid that The Simpsons have already parodied it in advance — in February 1993 (Episode 9F14).

On the television is a Duff beer commercial:

Women: Down with sexism! Down with sexism!
Man 1: Look at all those feminists.
Man 2: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? [they both reach for bottles of beer, shake them up, and spray the foam on the protesters. This magically turns them into bikini-clad party animals.]
Both Men: Yeah! Yes! All right!

Giggling bikini-clad party animals, doing the watusi to twangy surf music, as I recall.

I think we are pretty much done watching Duas Caras.

If we want to watch pornô xanxada, we can rent a classic pornô xanxada over in the Vila.

I would like to peek at it this evening, however, to so see what products sponsor it.

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