“Secret Investigation Into Captain Queiroz,” Screams O Globo!

Bandeira de luto em Rio das Pedras, após morte de suspeito de chefiar mil�cia
“The battle flag of Rio das Pedras, Rio de Janeiro”: The Peacemakers were headed by a senior police inspector, and aide to the last Rio police chief, whose predecessor promoted and decorated him before running for the state assembly, a run allegedly funded by the gambling mobs involved in Operation Hurricane, in which senior judges are charged with selling verdicts that provided legal cover to gambling mafias. Who won office, and was then indicted. The inspector, a fugitive from justice, was later found with 30 bullets in him, sitting in his Toyota pickup truck outside his girlfriend’s apartment. His paramilitary group ran bingo halls and GatoNet (an illegal cable TV network) and is under investigation for money-laundering.

Scandal begins when the police put a stop to it –Karl Kraus

A functioning police state needs no police. –William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch

Ex-capitão do Exército é suspeito de chefiar milícia em Rio das Pedras: Retired Army officer “Captain Queiroz” ran for the federal congress in 2006 and received the highest number of votes in the Rio das Pedras neighborhood, O Globo reports.

He is a reputed head of the militia in the community, and heir to police inspector Tostes in this regard. His party, the PDT, reportedly wants his candidacy annulled. The community is undergoing something of a real estate boom.

Another Rio police inspector, and local go-to pundit on public security — the AP has used her from time to time — ran successfully for the federal legislature last year, around which time we saw a prime-time, softball interview on Globosat with her.

She was overheard on a court-ordered wiretap suggesting that a reform-minded colleague needed to have “a bunch of bullets [pumped] into his head.” She said she was speaking metaphorically, out of jocose frustration.

Maybe so, but the fact is that somebody actually tried to do just that. Post hoc ergo propter hoc? If the case ever gets cleared, we will know. See

Piauí magazine has an interview this week with the survivor, who is now missing a finger or so, like Django Reinhardt or President Squid.

Globo, meanwhile is promoting the notion that the setting of its latest primetime soap opera is set in a community modeled after Rio das Pedras, the feudal fiefdom in question. On the soap, see

To reinforce the realism of its fiction, it dispatched actor Lázaro Ramos to the community recently — where he asked difficult questions, the answers to which Globo’s soap opera magazine did not record any of the answers to.


RIO – Citado em relatório da Subsecretaria de Inteligência como um dos sucessores do inspetor Félix dos Santos Tostes no comando da milícia em Rio das Pedras, o militar reformado do Exército Epaminondas de Queiroz Medeiros Júnior, o Capitão Queiroz, espalhou faixas desejando boas festas aos moradores da comunidade, dando início à corrida eleitoral na região. De acordo com reportagem publicada nesta segunda-feira pelo jornal ‘O Globo’, a disputa por votos no reduto político do vereador Josinaldo Francisco da Cruz, o Nadinho (DEM), vem sendo monitorada pelo setor de inteligência da Secretaria de Segurança Pública.

Cited in a report by the intelligence division of the state public security secretary as one of the successors to police inspector Félix dos Santos Tostes in command of the militia in Rio das Pedras, retired army office Epaminondas de Queiroz Medeiros Júnior, known as “Captain Queiroz,” put up banners wishing residents a happy holiday season, opening the election season in the area. According to a report published Monday by O Globo, the dispute for votes on the political home turf of city councilmember Josinaldo Francisco “Nadinho” da Cruz is being monitored by the criminal intelligence division.

O relatório de inteligência alerta para o risco de uma guerra entre dois grupos que disputam o poder na comunidade. De acordo com o documento, Capitão Queiroz é pré-candidato pelo PDT a uma vaga na Câmara de Vereadores, colocando em risco a reeleição de Nadinho, que responde a processo como mandante do assassinato de Félix, em fevereiro passado. O crime teria sido motivado por disputa política. Félix pretendia se candidatar a vereador.

The intelligence report warns of the risk of a war among two rival groups in the community. According to the document, Captain Queiroz is a pre-candidate for the PDT for a seat in the city legislature, putting Nadinho’s reelection at risk.

Nadinho is charged with the murder of [decorated senior police inspector] Tostes last February. The crime was allegedly motivated by a political dispute. Tostes planned to run for the city council.

Antigo aliado do inspetor Félix, Capitão Queiroz foi candidato a deputado federal pelo PDT em 2006. Apesar de não ter sido eleito, o militar reformado foi o líder de votos em Rio das Pedras. Ele conquistou, na 179 Zona Eleitoral, 6.059 dos 12.257 votos que obteve em todo o estado. Queiroz foi o 13º mais votado entre os 86 candidatos lançados pelo PDT. Integrante da executiva estadual do partido, a deputada estadual Cidinha Campos defende a impugnação da candidatura de Queiroz pelo diretório municipal.

An old ally of Tostes, Captain Queiroz was a PDT candidate for the federal legislature in 2006. Though not elected, the retired Army man was the vote leader in the Rio das Pedras community. He received, in the 179th Electoral Zone, 6,059 of the 12,257 votes he received statewide. He was the 13th most voted of the 89 candidates fielded by the party. A member of the party’s state executive board, state lawmaker Cidinha Campos, wants the Rio party to annul his candidacy.

How does O Globo know this about Campos?

A quote on the record might make me less skeptical that it actually does.

And who leaked it the intelligence report?

What kind of police intelligence unit leaks intelligence reports on antimafia activities, apparently warning subjects of ongoing investigations, in the first place?

I can never quite understand this.

How is this not like “Untouchables planning surprise raid on Capone speakeasy tonight!”? The public may have a right to know, but as for me, I would rather wait and read about the police bringing a solid case.

See also

It is not a secret anymore, now, is it?

Either the “support your local sheriff” O Globo has been deputized, or else these “leaky police” cases are a symptom of poor institutional message control and information management.

Who knows? Rio is a city with police-politicians whose campaign staff are armed with military-grade hardware, and also sell cable TV packages on the side.

You would think Globo would be sensitive on such issues. A TV Globo reporter was arrested last year and charged with spying for the mafia while working as a crime reporter.

Collecting information on a confidential basis from law enforcement sources, under the usual rules governing reporter-source relationships, and selling it to the mafia.

Seriously. Whatever became of that case?

These are idle speculations. But seriously, somebody explain this to me. How is this a good thing?

Favela de Rio das Pedras em expansão

Shantytown in expansion

Além do crescimento das mílicias em Rio das Pedras, outra coisa que chama atenção na comunidade é o processo de verticalização que está em ritmo acelerado. Empreendimentos, mostram o ritmo acelerado do mercado imobiliário da Favela Rio das Pedras. Só na Rua Moreth, atrás do Ciep Lindolfo Collor e vizinha à creche municipal Rio Novo – Rio das Flores, está sendo se formando uma espécie de condomínio: há cinco prédios sendo erguidos, um deles com dez andares, incluindo cobertura; e um recém construído, mas ainda sem moradores. Três deles, em obras, estão sendo oferecidos pela Novo Rio, que, para chamar a atenção, exibe belas maquetes em seu estande de vendas.



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