Brazil: “I Want My Record News!”

Writing for the Diário de Cuiabá (Mato Grosso, Brazil), Adilson Rosa complains that he is not able to get GloboNews rival Record News.

On the roll-out of the rival 24-hour cable news channel — which I myself would like to have a chance to watch, but does not seem to be available on our local (Globo- and Carlos Slim-owned NET) cable monopoly — see also

Adilson, identified as a journalist in the byline to his column, is, more specifically, a correspondent for Comando Geral on Rede TV/TV Rondon (Cuiabá, Channel 5), hosted by journalist and state lawmaker Maksuês Leite (PDT).

Which sounds, on the face of it, a bit like Rio’s Balanço Geral (Record), hosted by state lawmaker and “journalist” Wagner Montes. Or São Paulo’s Brasil Urgente (TV Bandeirantes), with José Luiz Datena (now rumored to be leaving the program). Insanely preachy, demagogic “support your local sheriff” moral panic-based TV pseudo-journalism, pretty much. On which see

But I will have to try and watch some of the Mato Grosso take on the genre on YouTube when I get a chance. Mato Grosso, Paraná, and the Brazilian Midwest in general strike me as some of the most interesting regions of Brazil to keep an eye on these days.

The zebu-herding Midwesterner likes it when you throw an American dobro into the traditional country music, and wears Hank Williams Jr. hats. He is an upstart Brazilian Nascar dad and is starting to demand respect — and quality — as he gains ground on the Rio-Sampa metrosexual as a coveted demographic. As falls Iguaçu, so falls Iguaçu Falls. HIX NIX STIX PIX. Fascinating phenomenon.

A Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações, a Anatel, precisa, urgentemente, regularizar as TVs a cabo, um dos segmentos que começaram sem regulamentação e parece que ainda não obedecem a nada. A Anatel deveria obrigar as operadoras a oferecerem os sinais de todas as redes de emissoras abertas do país. O que acontece é um absurdo, pois está virando uma bagunça. As operadoras oferecem o canal aberto que melhor lhes convém.

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) urgently need to regulate cable TV, one of the segments that started out unregulated and still seems to play by its own rules. Anatel ought to make the cable operators offer the signal of every free-to-air broadcaster in the country. What is happening is absurd, and is getting to be a real mess. The operators offer only the open channels they feel like offering. 

Um exemplo é a própria Sky cuja organização Globo é uma das sócias, mas que não oferece o sinal da própria Globo. Sem falar de que a Record e outras concorrentes também somem da grade. A Cabo Mais, de Cuiabá, apagou o sinal da Record News. Dizem que estão negociando. Negociando o quê? Não é rede aberta? Ao que se saiba, não é preciso pagar nada. Eles pegam o sinal de graça e ainda cobram do assinante. É claro que por trás disso existe muito interesse em jogo.

An example is Sky, in which Globo is a partner, but which does not offer Globo’s signal. Not to mention that Record and other competitors are also missing from the programming grid. In the state capital here, Cabo Mais has cancelled the signal of Record News. They say they are negotiating. Negotiating what? Isn’t it a free-to-air network? As you may know, they don’t have to pay a red cent. They can pick up the signal for free and still charge the subscriber for it. Obviously there are many interests at work behind the scenes here. 

Isso ocorre porque não existe uma lei, portaria ou decreto que obrigue as operadoras a oferecerem os canais. A lógica do sistema capitalista é que uma coisa que você recebe gratuitamente e ainda revende com um bom lucro, não é para desperdiçar.

This is happening because there is no legislation, regulation or decree that obliges operators to offer the channels. [But] the logic of the capitalist system says that something you get for free and then resell with excellent profits is not to be sneezed at.  

Antes de se fundir com a Sky, a Directv entrou com uma ação na Justiça para que a Globo lhe oferecesse sinal aberto. A emissora dos Marinho bateu o pé e não arredou do lugar. E mesmo com a incorporação das duas operadoras, as imagens da Globo são restritas apenas a São Paulo.

After merging with Sky, DirecTV sued to force Globo to offer free-to-air channels [in its cable packages]. The Marinho family media empire put its foot down and did not budge an inch. And even with the merger of the two broadcasters, Globo images are restricted to São Paulo.

Fico imaginando o que leva a Sky a não oferecer certos sinais de emissoras abertas. Canal fechado a operadora tem que pagar, mas no outro caso não existe uma explicação plausível. E eu, como assinante, quero receber esses canais sim. Senão, tenho que comprar uma antena parabólica com canais abertos somente para acessar a Record News. É uma aberração mesmo. A Globo News também pensa em abrir o sinal. Será que este sinal também será vetado pelas operadoras? Será que a empresa irá implorar aos concorrentes para colocá-la na grade?

I am trying to imagine what would make Sky refuse to offer certain free-to-air channels. An operator has to pay for closed channels, but for open channels there is no plausible explanation. And I, as a subscriber, want to get those channels, yes, I do. If cable doesn’t offer them, I have to buy an antenna just to tune in Record News. This is a real aberration. Globo News is also thinking of broadcasting its signal free-to-air. Will this signal also be turned down by the cable operators? Will Globo have to plead with its competitors to put it on the cable programming grid?

Como não existe nada que obrigue a retransmissão, acredito que o assunto ficará a critério de cada operadora. E como se trata de um canal ligado a Rede Globo, acho que ninguém irá recusar. Engraçado. Em relação a Rede pública de TV, um canal estatal de notícias recém-criado, ninguém fez objeção. Está na cara que nenhuma operadora iria recusar. Não iria criar atrito com o governo.

As there is nothing to oblige them to retransmit the signal, I believe the choice will be left up to each cable operator. And since this is a Globo channel, I doubt anyone is going to turn it down. Funny. No one objects to the recent state-operated public TV channel (TV Brasil). It is obvious that no broadcaster would do so. They wouldn’t want to rub the government the wrong way. 

Not especially well written (or translated, to be fair), but as someone living in the crossfire from the Brazilian boob tube wars, I can sympathize with the basic sentiment here.

I really would like to compare Record News with GloboNews — which is not so bad, really, for your basic TV news needs; I am getting to be kind of fond of the affable, Ron Burgundy-like, Bonner-lite Eduardo Bueno) to see which one I might prefer to watch.

Now that I have a ponto in the workspace my wife had built for me atop our shambles of a sculpture studio-house, one of these days I am going to get a video capture card and start messing around with how to work with direct signal for my NMM(-TV)SNB(B)CNN(P)BS media Zeitgeist reports on “other people’s (New World Lusophone) C-SPAN.”


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