Le Monde x The Albigensian Innovation Heresy

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El Economista (Spain): Innovation Media Consulting wins award for redesign.

Innovation was born at the University of Navarra, which, in turn, was created by Saint Josemaría de Escrivá de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei [Canonized in 2002.]– Ali Kamel, Globo

Their leaders had collected some points from the Manichaean dogma, and some of the errors which Origen is said to have written against Periarchon, and very many which they had fashioned out of their own heads. They follow Manichaeus in believing that there are two sources of life, a good God and a wicked, i.e., the devil  and they say that the wicked God created all bodies and the good God all souls … –Caesarius of Heisterbach

Bid for Le Monde triggers power struggle: Speaking of the Prisa group — whose role in the ratfinking of W Radio journalist Carmen Aristegui, and proximity to the Calderón government, is a hot topic at the moment — it now wants to bid on France’s Le Monde.

Sources said that the Spanish and French groups wanted to persuade journalists to relinquish their majority stake in return for guarantees of editorial independence.

The Times cites Liberátion as a model success story — without mentioning that Libération and the proposed new business-side management of Le Monde have something in common:

Last week Libération, the left-wing daily, said that it expected to break even this year after losing €13 million in 2006 and €3 million last year.

Libération is advised by the same newspaper consultancy group that advises Prisa’s El País — and Brazil’s Organizações Capivara Globo, as well as Argentina’s La Nación, the U.K. Observer, and others. See

Ali Kamel, director of Globo’s “journalism center,” is the most intellectually dishonest man in the Western Hemisphere, and possibly in the Southern Hemisphere as well.

I cannot for the life of me understand why the man is allowed to keep his job.

If I were the consultancy in question, I would bar him from providing any further testimonials — lest potential customers come to associate the term “innovation” with bare-faced, gabbling mendaciousness and viciously slanted, “moral panic”-driven nonsense.

You saw a Le Monde columnist seriously questioning the editorial integrity of Libération 2.0 recently:

Prisa, which has a 15 per cent stake in Le Monde, and Lagardère, which has 17 per cent, are ready to inject €75 million (£56 million) into the debt-ridden company under a move likely to strip journalists of their dominant position. The plan has sparked a fresh round of the infighting that has blighted France’s most famous newspaper for almost a year.

Thrown into chaos:

Le Monde, set up in 1944 to be the “conscience of France”, was thrown into chaos last month when Pierre Jeantet, chairman of the executive board, Bruno Patino, his deputy, and Eric Fottorino, the editor, stood down. Mr Fottorino later changed his mind and announced his candidacy to become chairman — a post for which he needs the backing of the Society of Writers, an association of the daily’s journalists. Editorial staff are to meet on January 25 to vote on Mr Fottorino’s application amid threats that if they refuse to endorse the appointment, the courts could appoint an administrator to oversee Le Monde.

There is no organization of French journalists called “The Society of Writers.”

There is a group known as the Société des rédacteurs du Monde, or SRM.

Rédacteur is a term used variously for editors, writers, and news-writers.

Translating the name of an organization in this way is a bit like translating the name of a person named, let’s say, Susanna Schmidt as “Susie Smith.”

Or translating my name into, what, Carlos Bretão?

(Colin probably derives from an Old French diminutive of the name Nicolas. Nicolin, informally (much as in Portuguese Carlos might become Carlão, or “Charlie.” Short form: ‘Colin. Et voilá.)

That is not the name on the poor woman’s birth certificate.

Some organizations do have multilingual designations.

The OAS, for example, is also officially known as the OEA in Spanish and Portuguese.

IMC does not publish a full client list — apparently having taken my advice about not advertising its influence over the Organizações Capivara Globo.

Its business strategy apparently consists of buying up trusted journalistic brands and emptying them of everything that actually made them trustworthy. Betting on the human tendency to trust blindly without, as Ronald Reagan said, verifying.

This, I think, is a sucker bet.

These days, I am only interested in paying for journalism geared toward the “reality-based community.”

I tend to think the reality-based community has a better track record of dealing with reality than the likes of Paul “The Iraq occupation will pay for itself” Wolfowitz.

Say. For example.

Never hire someone to manage your long-term risk who believes that the Rapture is imminent.

This is like hiring someone who does not believe the laws of physics apply to him or her as an aircraft maintenance engineer.

They are entitled to believe that if they like, but not on my dime, with my air-traveling ass on the line.


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