Multicultural Consulting Note: A Search For the End to a Notorious Mutual Incomprehensiveness

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My future consulting work for a New York-based intercontinental IR consultancy seems like it will have mainly to do with unfortunate intercontinental ballistic misunderstandings (ICBMs) like the above. Eliminating them to the degree possible.

Better, perhaps, off the top of my head:

The quest for convergence to international accounting standards

Confusion over definite and indefinite articles is the most common substrate error for native Lusophones when speaking the language of Shakespeare and Yogi Berra.

It is also not terribly auspicious to tell the world that your accounting rules are being reformed by notorious persons:

The foundation of the Comitê de Pronunciamentos Contábeis (“CPC”) is the result of an in-depth analysis made by some of the most notorious individuals in the academic world, in government, and in the business community.

Notorious? What, they sought out Paulo Maluf and General Curió for advice?

The word has acquired a strong negative connotation, tracking the semantics of fame and infamy and famous and infamous, I guess:

generally known and talked of; especially : widely and unfavorably known

In my modest role as a facilitator of the process (non-SME) of making Brazilian book-cooking intelligible to Anglophone book-cookers, I find myself collecting and reading a lot of background material like the following:

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It is about as exciting as watching paint dry. But someone has got to do it.

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