“A Rumbling Wrack and a Hell of an Engeneer”


If you are looking to sink some capital into Brazil’s Bovespa, you might be interested in taking a look at the following sector, from the “industrial classification” section of its Web site:

Construction and Engeneering

Also of interest:

Consultive Engeneering

Which I suppose might be something like “engineering consulting services,” depending on the classification system one consults. Brazil’s is the

Further research on the term is required.

See also

A similar principle may apply to technical editors and terminologists.

I suppose one might look in NAICS Group 87 for an equivalent category of business activity.

I assume that we are not dealing with a portmanteau word that combines “engineering” and “genes” to convey the idea of genetic engineering (which might fall under NAICS Group 8731Commercial Physical and Biological Research.)

NACE, the EU’s standard classification of economic activities (the acronym is from the French, apparently), lists

74.2 Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy

I really think I could help these Brazilians, in my modest and annoyingly punctilious way, correct the unfortunate impression such hasty clicking of “publish” before routing through the copy desk can produce.

If they will let me.


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