Carnaval: The Day in Bleeding Ledes

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Trío elétrico (carnival sound truck, similar to the Caribbean “sound system”) runs over 14 people in Minas Gerais; two minors have died. Accident occurred overnight in Sabará. According to city government, the driver says the brakes failed. Public is divided between Vai-Vai and Mancha Verde on Day 2 [of São Paulo Carnaval]. Floats present a traditional public fountain [chafariz], a polar bear, and even a replica of a theater. Winner to be announced [on Fat] Tuesday. São Paulo samba league issues no penalties to competing schools so far. Advertisement: Transform YOUR home into the most famous house in Brazil! Big Brother Brasil!

Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death.Wittgenstein, Ludwig

“If it bleeds, it leads” is an accurate description of many news judgments in local TV markets. Reporters and producers look for just those kinds of stories to inject excitement into the show. –“‘If it Bleeds, It Leads’ and Other Lessons on Broadcast Journalism” (PDF)

Newspapers like Última Hora, A Luta Democrática, O Dia, and Notícias Populares owned their success to the use of “sex and crime” to reach the popular masses. In January 1968, Reality magazine published an article on the world of Brazilian police journalism that began by narrating the world of Carlos Vinhais, then editor in chief of [”Democratic Struggle”]: “… there were no fatal crimes that night. Vinhais climbs up on the desk, opens his arms and screams with all his might, tragically, pathetically, ‘I want a corpse! Everybody work the phones. For God’s sake, rustle me up a corpse! I don’t have a headline!” The newsrooms of these newspapers buzzed when “Red Rosa” and “White Lily,” the public relations reps of the Rio and São Paulo deaths squads, phoned in the address of fresh “hams” — that is, announcing the location of the corpses of alleged “marginals” executed by the group. — see “A History of Death Squads in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo”

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O Globo (Rio de Janeiro): Clash of titans Sunday at the Sambadrome! Portela, Salgueiro, Viradouro and Mangueira parade on opening night. I, the Jury: Readers can grade the competitors in real time. Beija-Flor has the largest fan base. In São Paulo, Vai-Vai thrills public with “engaged” theme; The carnival society from Bixiga speaks of the transfoming power of education, inspired by a play by businessman Antônio Ermírio; Trio kills two in Minas;

And by far the most interesting headline of the day:

Bicheiros [numbers racketeers] still rule in the carnival societies. But 2008 was the year in which LIESA received the most public funding.

See also

On which more later.

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Trio runs over 15 and kills two in Minas Gerais. Drive says brakes failed; three injured. FORGET SAMBA: São Paulo revelers trade parades for camarotes. Electronic parties attract crowds in the vicinity of the Sambadrome. COMPANIES AND CARNAVAL: Anything goes in order to make an appearance on the avenue. Brands fight for space in Rio, Salvador and Recife. Vai-Vai, Mocidade and Império thrill the crowd; Rosas de Ouro and Vila Maria are also in the running; What escola de samba will be São Paulo champion?

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Trio runs over 14 and kills two persons in Minas Gerais; the accident occurred around midnight in the city center of Sabará. The wounded were taken to two local hospitals. Vai-Vai and Mancha Verde excite. Mônica Velosos says she wants to hit the lecture circuit. Carnival exposes contrasts in São Paulo. State external auditor paid private employees of its president; His nutritionist was hired as a security and oversight agent at the agency, the Folha reports. Expenditures on public employees outpaces inflation by 4.5%; read more about nepotism. Breaking news: This four-wheel motorcycle costs as much as a Ford Ka and has the power of a Bandeirante-brand jeep.

On the homogeneity of the national news agenda, and its propensity for “poster child” tragedies, see also

Death in the midst of life. Black Orpheus.

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