NMM(-TV)SN(B)BCNN(P)BS: Farewell, Flesh-Season

If folly disappeared, wit would starve. –Mason Cooley, American aphorist

NMM(-TV)SN(B)BCNN(P)BS: São Paulo Proof of Life No. 3.

Here, some lady shows you how to dance the frevo while listening to some honkin’ good South American Dixieland bands. Which is not a bad thing to know how to do.

We decide to take the fabulous Fabio, 5, to SESC Pompéia for their annual kid-safe Carnaval de rua. Free samba and frevo lessons!

SESC, according to the translation on its English-language Web site,

is a private institution, created by the enterprise of commerce and services, a non profit organization and of a national scope … SESC’s action is a fruition of a solid cultural and educational project which brought, since its creation by the enterprise of commerce and services, 60 years ago, the mark of innovation and of social transformation. … Through out the years, SESC innovated by introducing new models of cultural action and emphasized, in the 1980’s, education as a pretext for social transformation.

“As a pretext for social transformation?”

  1. something serving to conceal plans; a fictitious reason that is concocted in order to conceal the real reason
  2. guise: an artful or simulated semblance; “under the guise of friendship he betrayed them”

“Pretext” implies that SESC does not really want to educate people.

Which is just not true.

SESC really does seem very serious about doing just that.

(And SESC has given a lot of support to our friends Gigi and Sandra Lee, too, whose latest major exhibition you see documented here as well)

The substantiation of this purpose was done by an intense action in the cultural field and in its different manifestations, addressed to the whole public, to many age brackets and social layers. This does not only mean to offer a diversity of events, but also to contribute effectively to lasting and significant experiences.

Quack. I could help you folks with this sort of thing.

I would be glad to do it.

I really like and admire SESC.

Just forget the Web site, with its brackets and layers and “English as she is spoke” USP sociology-talk, and listen to those brass bands.

Remind you of New Orleans?
Any program, private, public, or public-private, that provides more regular work to talented and enthusiastic trombonists and tubists has my full support.

Recommendation for improvement, from what I have heard from friends: Promote more tubists into management, rather than sociologists. Unless the sociologists can also juggle, play the banjo, bang a zabumba, or some other useful thing.

Just check out the expression on Batman’s face here; the Dark Knight has taken off his mask and is radiating alegria:

The image “https://i2.wp.com/i113.photobucket.com/albums/n216/cbrayton/Stuff/batman-1.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The image “https://i0.wp.com/i113.photobucket.com/albums/n216/cbrayton/Stuff/idiot.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I am not ashamed to say that I made a complete Fool of myself.

A fool, A fool! I met a fool i’ the forest,
A motley fool. A miserable world!
As I do live by food, I met a fool,
Who laid him down and basked him in the sun,
And railed on Lady Fortune in good terms,
In good set terms, and yet a motley fool.
As You Like It, II, vii

We plan to engage in more Folly shortly. The Lapa News, a free neighborhood paper from the Portal de Pirituba group, published an excellent summary of Carnaval goings-on.

We plan to tune out the internationally distributed (and mind-bendingly insipid) Globeleza and go support some of the motlier schools of fools in UESP Division 3 here in São Paulo, who will be parading in nearby Butantã tonight.

And if I can get over this slight cold I have caught, we might even take the train out to Interlagos to see what Só Vou Se Você For (“I’ll only do it if you will, too”)  is up to this year in Division 2.


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