NMM(-TV)SN(B)BCNN(P)BS Carnaval Coverage: Vlogueleza!

NMM(-TV)SN(B)BCNN(P)BS Carnaval Coverage: Not Globeleza, Blogueleza! (Google Video):

I was a little boy.
My mother said, “Let’s go.
You are going to be baptized
Into the samba of Pirapora.”

Video postcard from Carnaval 2008 in Brazil, hacked together more or less at random from all the YouTube uploads from foliões we could find in 20 minutes of casual searching. “Making up their own shows, which might be better than TV.” We have found lots of interesting alternative coverage on Radiobras and TV Cultura (São Paulo) — especially the latter’s emphasis on rural and small-town Carnaval and its digging up a fascinating homage to the great Geraldo “Samba de Pirapora” Filme out of the archives.

Mamãe fez uma promessa
Para me vestir de anjo
Me vestiu de azul-celeste
Na cabeça um arranjo

Mama made a vow
to dress me up as an angel
She dressed me in sky-blue
With a halo on my head

Ouviu-se a voz do festeiro
No meio da multidão
Menino preto não sai
Aqui nessa procissão

Then the master of ceremonies said
From the middle of the crowd
Little black boys do not parade
Here in this procession

Mamãe, mulher decidida
Ao santo pediu pediu perdão
Jogou minha asa fora
Me levou pro barracão

Mama made up her mind
She asked forgiveness of the saint
She threw out my angel’s wings
And took me to shantytown

Lá no barraco
Tudo era alegria
Nego batia na zabumba
E o boi gemia

There in shantytown
It was nothing but joy
Black man beat the big bass drum
And the cow mooed

Boi gemia = the sound of the cuica? Pirapora is a rural area on the periphery of the city, up the Tietê River valley. “… Sou caipira Pirapora …”

Iniciado o neguinho
Num batuque de terreiro
Samba de Piracicaba
Tietê e campineiro

The little black boy was initiated
Into the drum society of the
[candomblé] terreiro
Into the samba of Piracicaba,
of the Tietê River Valley and Campinas

Os bambas da Paulicéia
Não consigo esquecer
Fredericão na zabumba
Fazia a terra tremer

The master sambistas of São Paulo
I can never forget them
Big Freddy on the bass drum
Made the earth shake

Cresci na roda de bamba
No meio da alegria
Eunice puxava o ponto
Dona Olímpia respondia

I grew up in the circle of the samba masters
In the midst of joy
Eunice would push the verse
And Dona Olimpia would echo it

Sinhá caía na roda
Gastando a sua sandália
E a poeira levantava
Com o vento das sete saias

Fine ladies would join the circle
Wearing out their sandals
And what a dust was kicked up
By the wind of their seven underskirts.

The sound is bad, but this is basically what Sly Stone had in mind when he wrote that song about “I love everyday people.” The Globo network, in order to sell you whatevever brand of beer is paying the bills these days, will bombard you with nonstop statuesque, often surgically enhanced, nearly naked gostosas rebolando. We have nothing against gostosas rebolando, mind you, but we much prefer to watch people (like us) with bad teeth, bald spots, sweaty armpits, pot bellies and big butts, dressed in grungy shorts, T-shirts and cheap flip-flops, getting together with whatever is ready to hand and mind-bendingly noisy and going absolutely freaking nuts in a highly purposeful and surprisingly coordinated and sophisticated manner. Sara, as we say in Brooklyn, freaking . Source: some guy on YouTube.


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