Blogging Fofoca For Fun and Profit!

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Fofocando Blog contacts my wife about a global blogging project it wants to transfer from Italy to Brazil.

I’m looking for a translator, or for some advice and contacts to other professional mother tongue bloggers interested in working with us on new portuguese websites. What we need is not strict translations, but good renditions of our italian (or similar english/spanish) weblogs, with a daily output of 4/6 posts on 3/5 titles (automotive, electronic gadgets, travel, design & architecture). Our ideal translator would be a blogger himself, with a little knowledge of Blogger/Wordpress and good familiarity with blogging netiquette and conventions. We’d appreciate someone who could add some original posts to the mix, but this is not necessary as we’d hire some bloggers along with the translator, after the start up phase.

Sort of an Italo-Tupi Gawker Media (Nick Denton) business model.

“Do you think I should do it?” asks the Missus.

“Ask them how much they pay first,” I advise, “and ask around to see if they actually pay it on time.”

Do not accept stock options.

Get paid today for your hamburger today, not, as Wimpy proposes, on Tuesday.

Somewhere here I have a chart someone produced on the market outlook and general run of earnings for blog professionals.

I cannot find it at the moment, but if memory serves, the general takeaway was that for 99.9% of those survyed, blogging does not pay the rent.

I may be exaggerating for effect.

I think Sasasaricando — a reference to a cheeful old Carnaval marchinha — would make a better title. Less generic.


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